Twhii is a 3rd party Twitter app/client for java phones. That means it should run on both feature phones and smartphones with Java support. That is covering a wide base.

Twhii features in brief

A quick summary of features supported by Twhii:

  • Timeline
  • Mentions
  • DM
  • Favourites
  • Reply, retweet and quote
  • Multiple Twitter accounts
  • Web-based management system
  • Trends
  • Search
  • image preloader with support for Lockerz

Twhii logo

A look at the above summary reveals that this is a very comprehensive Twitter app. Actually, it is one of the most comprehensive Twitter apps available for Java phones that I have seen.

Web/Mobile based Account Management

Twhii has a web-based account management feature on the Twhii website. You need to register there to setup a Twhii account before being able to use them on the java app. If all you have is your phone, you can also manage your account via a mobile site at


twhii web application

Once you have setup your Twhii account online, you can add multiple Twitter accounts, and then use these on the java app on any compatible phone. The online management system lets you change your Twhii password or even delete your Twhii account completely should you choose not to use the service any more. In setting up or changing your Twhii password, a minimum of 6 characters is required.


Twhii online account

Twhii on the phone

On the phone, simply launch the app and login with your Twhii details. A landing page loads with the Twitter account/s that you have added online displayed and waiting for your use.

Review: Twhii, A 3rd party Twitter app for Java phones - landing page

The menu soft key (on the left) gives you access to features such as Tweet, Timeline, Mentions, DMs and more.

Twhii Menu

There is also a nifty visual notification system that shows you when new tweets and mentions are waiting. You can see the small “@” and envelope icons in the top right corner of the close-up photo below. Really nice.

Twhii notification icons

Mentions on Twhii:

Twhii Mentions

To reply, retweet, quote, DM or access favourites, there is a right menu which is accessible using the phone’s navigation button. When using Twhii, push the navigation button to the right, and that menu pops up, giving you access to carry out any of the listed functions.

I personally think that an alternative, more instinctive access to these functions should be implemented. It didn’t occur to me naturally to look for them using the navigational button.

twhii RightMenu

The support of retweets and quotes is quite nice to see at this level. I was able to quote tweets without issues.

twhii Quote

Direct messages (DMs) are also supported on Twhii. The app lets you both receive and send DMs.

twhii DM

For a Java app, Twhii is impressive. It gives advanced twitter users all the flexibility that they need, and it is also perfectly usable by more basic users. Links in tweets, mentions and DMs are clickable to launch the built-in web browser on your phone.

No Image Upload

One thing that Twhii currently lacks is support for uploading photos. This isn’t a deal breaker for me, but it would be nice to see it there anyway. Hopefully, the developer will incorporate this at some time.


Twhii is currently on version 0.9.22, and very usable. My review device was the Nokia Asha 302. While it is designed for a broad support of java phones, it is possible that it may not work on certain phones. The interface is light, breezy and easy on the eyes. Twhii comes highly recommended.

Twhii can be downloaded from the Twhii homepage:


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