Review: Etisalat Pay As You Go Pulse data plan

Written By Mister Mobility

Etisalat Pay As You Go Pulse is a time-based data plan. Instead of the subscriber being given a data allocation, this plan gives the subscriber access to unlimited data at a rate of N15 for every 5 minutes. The subscriber’s time counts only as long as they are connected.

I gave the plan a spin this afternoon. Subscribing was easy. I dialled *229*5*7#, and waited for an SMS confirming my subscription, then loaded N500 airtime. Then, I put the SIM in my MiFi device and switched it on. It got a connection immediately, and I was able to use the connection on both laptop and mobile. During usage all afternoon, I consistently got speeds in the range of 2.5 Mbps for downloads and 1 Mbps for uploads.

Added up, N15 per each five minute slot translates to N180 per hour. This is not exactly bad. That means N500 gives me a total connection time of a little less than 3 hours. When not in use, I just turn off the MiFi in order to disconnect.

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Who Will Find Etisalat Pay As You Go Pulse Useful?

Anyone who does not need or desire to be constantly connected, but would prefer to schedule the periods that they come online. Etisalat PAYG Pulse is perfect for such class of users.

How To Subscribe

To subscribe for Etisalat Pay As You Go Pulse, dial *229*5*7#. To deactivate, dial *229*0#.

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