Please DO NOT Root your Infinix Hot 2; Here’s why

Written By Mister Mobility

Root!! Root!! Root!! Root!! This is the first song that rings in the ears of many people these days. Once they own an Android device, first they want to do is root. To be honest, I’m like that too 🙂 Rooting has it’s advantages. You can use it to effectively set firewalls, so that apps won’t suck your data in the background.

Infinix X510 Hot 2

What of blocking those annoying ads, rooting helps with that too. Uninstalling of bloatware (factory installed apps) is only possible when you’re rooted. But have you thought of the disadvantages of rooting? The our concern today is on the Infinix Hot 2. Here are a few facts we need to know:

  • Once you’re rooted, your warranty is void.
  • Once you’re rooted, kiss bye-bye to official updates (unless you’re ready to be flashing ROM’s)
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The second point is what greatly affects the Infinix Hot 2. Remember that this is an Android One phone, which simply translates to regular updates from Infinix and Google. So if you dare root, you’ll begin having issues with updates.

Even if you claim sharp guy and unroot – this still doesn’t solve the problem. The only way out is to download and flash the Infinix Android One ROM all over again.

  • Download the ROM HERE.
  • Download the Infinix flash tool HERE.
  • Download the instructions HERE.

So if you were having issues with the update, now you know what the cause is. I’ve controlled myself from rooting my unit till after getting Marshmallow update. If you have other issues with this device, drop it in the comment box.

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