WhatsApp Groups tend to be necessary evils – digital communities where lawlessness is the norm. You see, no matter what rules and guidelines you lay down when creating and accepting members, there are knuckle-headed individuals who will frustrate everyone else by regularly violating them. Because of this, for many organisations and purposes, the perfect WhatsApp group is one that serves as a notice board for pushing out messages but without any of the drama that comes with managing users’behaviour.

You know that odd group member who believes that it makes sense for him to turn the professional Group into a prayer ground every morning contrary to group guidelines. And there’s the other half-crazy person who wants to respond out of context to every discussion and drive everyone else closer to insanity. There are others, but let’s not go on about them. You get the picture.

The Perfect WhatsApp Group

Apparently, the WhatsApp team has been working on this for a while, as thy have introduced a new setting that only allows admins to send messages to a group. Ding!

The perfect WhatsApp Group is one that is set up as a way to distribute important announcements and information. Groups for parents and teachers at schools, community centers, and non-profit organizations will find this new feature the very thing they have needed..

How To Enable The New Feature

Open Group Info, then tap Group Settings -> Send Messages, and select Only Admins.

perfect whatsapp group

If that option is not on your WhatsApp app yet, you need to update it. Jump into Play Store to see if the update is available.

PS: Did you also know that you can now pin a chat in WhatsApp? So you can pin a Group chat, so it stays at the top of your chat list in the app. Never miss a WhatsApp group message again.

If you run a programme or organisation in which pushing out important information is essential and have no desire to keep managing unruly people, just enable only Admins to send messages to the group and you have the perfect WhatsApp Group. Yes; a WhatsApp notice board.

I know a number of organisations that will start using the new feature immediately. As a matter of fact, it looks like this is a perfect day to create a public WhatsApp Group for MobilityArena. Oh happy day! Oh happy dayyyyyyy……! Sing with me!


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