I had been contemplating a switch from old school wrist watches to smartwatches in recent times. I finally made the decision to kick-start the process and this Oraimo Tempo-S water-proof smartwatch review details the first leg.

For a long time, I stayed away from wearables, and with good reasons too. The first generation from as far back as 2014 were useless and unbearable.

Who wants to hold their wrist to their ears to take phone calls? Why would I want to read and type any kind of messages on such tiny screens? The earliest wearables had no compelling pull for me.

But things have changed now. After years of iteration, smartwatches have good battery life and offer features that make them attractive enough for me to jump in.

Apart from telling the time and date, modern smartwatches help you keep tabs on your health – and that is something that is useful to me. Being able to keep tabs on my pulse, as well as set and monitor fitness/health goals is compelling enough.

As a matter of fact, the wearables market took off mostly after health benefits were added to the products.

Oraimo Tempo-S water-proof smartwatch

oraimo Tempo-S ip67 waterproof smartwatch

I have owned a few smart watches and bands before now. But it is now in early 2021 that I am finally ready to make the move.

Up till late last year, I had a small collection of six wristwatches, and I began to give them out. As I speak, I have only two left.

The strap of one, my favourite watch that is at least 10 years old, is broken. The straps of the other one are on their way out.

So I decided that when these watches give up, I would be done with regular wristwatches finally. I needed to invest in a smartwatch to set the transition in motion.

oraimo tempo-s smartwatch straps
Oraimo Tempo-S smartwatch – strap and pulse reader

I settled for the Tempo-S water-proof smartwatch, made by Oraimo. Oraimo is a part and parcel of the same family that TECNO, itel, and Infinix belong to – Transsion Holdings.

While the other three brands manufacture smartphones and tablets, Oraimo makes accessories like earphones, fitbands, smartwatches, chargers, etc.

Why did I choose the Oraimo Tempo-S? Well, I already owned the Tempo-C fit band and it has been a pleasant experience. It has good battery life and is a great health tool.

So, I thought to start my transition to smartwatches with an Oraimo product. I found three of them to sift through: Tempo-W, Tempo-S, and Tempo-W2.

Looking through the specs and details, Tempo-W is the oldest of the lot, and Tempo-W2 is the latest. Most of the features are similar, with a few differences and improvements here and there.

But the Oraimo Tempo-S had just the right set of features that I needed. There was no point paying more for the extra feature that the Tempo-W2 offer.

Plus, and this is important for me, I prefer the squarish display of the Tempo-S to the round face on the others. I think that square watch faces are better suited to smartwatches, as it provides better screen usage.

oraimo tempo-s smart watch

Anyway, I got the Oraimo Tempo-S and it has lived up to expectations.

It displays the time and date, monitors and displays my pulse, as well as monitors the number of steps I take, weather conditions, as well as sleep time. All of these information are synchronised with my smartphone and managed through the JoyWear 2 mobile app.

It is cool that it comes in black too. My Tempo-C is a bright red and fit only for certain dressing. I can wear the Tempo-S on any sort of clothing.

How is battery endurance like? The Oraimo Tempo-S goes 10 days on a full battery charge. Not bad at all. I can live with that.

The IP67 splash-proof rating means the Tempo-S can survive splashes, including showers. Mine has done well so far and I have experienced no issues with wearing it while taking a shower or sweating. It looks like I might be using it as my main wrist watch for a while.

March 2022 update: After a year of use, the battery of the Oraimo Tempo-S has stopped holding a charge. When I charge it up now and leave it idle, when next I pick it up to wear it, it is powered down from an empty battery.

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