These are the best budget smartwatches you can buy in 2022

Wearables, including smart watches, are hot cake these days. Everybody wants one. So, we took a look at the available smartwatches in Nigeria to sift through them to see which ones were the best budget smartwatch in 2022.

Factors we looked at included features, price, and technical support. Everyone understands the idea of having up-to-date features on a gadget. Price is particularly key because Nigeria is largely a price-sensitive market. And technical support because sometimes things go wrong and you need your device fixed.

We ended up witha collection of three smartwatches – and all by the same manufacturer, Oraimo. Oraimo is a subsidiary of Transsion Holdings and a sister company to TECNO, itel, Infinix, and CarlCare. CarlCare is the technical/customer support arm of the group and is present in Nigeria to service all Transsion products, so that takes care of technical support.

The smartwatches we shortlisted are the Tempo-W, Tempo-S, and Tempo-W2. As you will see, the differences between these three watches are minimal and largely boils down to taste and price. Let’s have a look at their specs.

Oraimo Tempo-W IP67 Waterproof Smartwatch

Is Oraimo Tempo W - OSW-10 Water And Dust Resistant Smart Watch - the best budget smartwatch in 2021?
  • Screen Size and Type: 1.3 inch colour IPS.
  • Watch Dimensions/Size: 44.5 x 44.5 x 9.6 mm.
  • Strap size: 245 mm.
  • Material: ABS/PC/Alloy/TPU.
  • Protection: IP67 Waterproof.
  • Bluetooth Version: V4.0.
  • Battery Type and Capacity: Lithium polymer 240 mAh.
  • Price: ₦16,500

Oraimo Tempo-S IP67 Waterproof Smart Watch

Is Oraimo Tempo-S the best budget smartwatch in 2021?
  • Screen Size and Type: 1.3 inch IPS true color.
  • Watch Dimensions/Size: 42 x 20 x 9.5 mm
  • Strap size: 245 mm.
  • Material: ABS/PC/TPU.
  • Protection: IP67 Waterproof.
  • Bluetooth Version: V4.2.
  • Battery Type and Capacity: Li-Poly 200 mAh.
  • Price: ₦11,900

Oraimo Tempo-W2 IP67 Waterproof Smartwatch

Oraimo Tempo-W2 smart watch - the best budget smartwatch in 2021?
  • Screen Size: 1.28″ 240×240 pixels, G+F TFT
  • Watch Dimensions/Size: 42 x 42 x 13 mm
  • Strap Size: 215 mm
  • Material: Zinc Alloy/PC/TPU
  • Protection: IP67 Waterproof
  • Bluetooth Version: V4.2
  • Battery Type and Capacity: Li-Poly 180 mAh
  • Price: ₦15,900

Which is the best budget smartwatch?

All of the three keep you connected with your Android phone or iPhone via Bluetooth, so you can recieve notifications for calls, SMS, and apps. They are also great for fitness enthusiasts, providing a sedentary reminder, as well as recording your walking and running steps, calories burnt, heart rate, and sleep data.

All of them have IP67 waterproof, splashproof actually, so you can get sweaty while working out, use them in the rain, or wash your hands, without fear of your smartwatch dying on you. Don’t go swimming with them though.

As you can see from the specs lists, they do have minor diferences in battery size, screen size and Bluetooth version. In addition, the Temp-W2, which is the latest of them, has a few more advanced features like 24 training modes and music player controls. If you need those extra features, the Oraimo Tempo-W2 is the most feature-packed of the three.

In our opinion, the Tempo-W2 is the most premium option. It uses zinc and allow materials that set it apart physically. It also has the most advanced features and is the costliest of the three on this list. You should buy that if you are not looking for the very cheapest smartwatch. It would qualify as the best budget smartwatch available in Nigeria in 2021.

However, the Oraimo Tempo-S is the best value for money of the three. It is plastic all through, but it It offers most of the features of the W2 at a lower price. It has the lowest price here actually.

Where can you buy these Oraimo budget smartwatches from? Take a look at Oraimo’s official website, which has an online store you can order from and have them delivered to you. You will also find them on online retail stores like Jumia, Konga, Jiji, and others.

Mind you, there are many other wearables available on sale in Nigeria, but these are the best budget smartwatches you will find at the time of this article.

March 2022 update: We are adding Oraimo Tempo W3 to the list.

Oraimo Tempo W3: the best budget smartwatch in 2022

  • Screen Size: 1.28-inch, 240×240 pixels, IPS
  • Watch Size: 47x47x12.5 mm
  • Strap Size: 215mm
  • Material: Zinc Alloy/PC/TPU
  • Protection: IP68 Waterproof
  • Bluetooth Version: V5.0
  • Battery Type and Capacity: Li-Poly 200 mAh
  • Price: ₦24,000

The Tempo W3 comes with improvements in quite a number of areas, like screen technology, battery size, Bluetooth version, materials, and IP rating. If you are buy the best budget smartwatch in 2022, we happily recommend Oraimo Tempo W3.

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