OPPO smartphones you can buy in Nigeria for less than ₦50,000

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Are you looking for OPPO phones under 50000 Naira? The first thing to note is that cheap OPPO phones are not common. OPPO Mobile is a Chinese company that makes mid-range and high-end Android phones. It is a subsidiary of BBK Electronics Corporation, which makes it a sister company to OnePlus, Vivo, and Realme. To be more accurate, Realme is actually a sub-brand of OPPO itself.

As a matter of fact, Realme is focused on the budget end of the smartphone market, while OPPO focuses on more premium devices. Because of OPPO’s focus on more premium devices, there are not a lot of budget phones in its portfolio. As a matter of fact, cheap OPPO phones are a rare species.

OPPO phones under 50000 Naira: Does OPPO A1K make the list?
OPPO phones under 50000 Naira: Does OPPO A1K make the list?

Cheap OPPO phones under 50000 Naira

Let’s get to the meat of this article. Here are the few cheap OPPO phones that are on sale in Nigeria for below 50000 naira.


First on our list of cheap OPPO phones under 50000 naira is the A1k. It is also the most expensive on the list.

We are looking at Android 9 Pie, a 6.1-inch IPS LCD display, a 5 MP selfie camera, an 8 MP rear camera, 2 GB RAM, 32 GB ROM, and a 4000 mAh battery

OPPO A1K currently sells for ₦49,000, just a little shy of the ₦50,000 mark. You can go through this OPPO A1K review to help you with making up your mind. Buy on Konga.


Oppo A59 - oppo phones below 50000 naira

OPPO A59 is the odd ball on this list. It was released in 2016 and looks like an iPhone knock-off. That measn that you are dealing with older software and hardware. But since it is still available in some stores, and sells for below N50,000, it has a rightful place on this list of OPPO phones under 50000 naira.

What does it offer? A 5.5-inch IPS LCD touchscreen display, MediaTek MT6750 processor, 3GB of RAM, 32GB storage, and a 3075 mAh battery. Oh; and it runs Android v5.1 Lollipop.

The A59 will cost you ₦49,000. Pricey for the specs, but it looks the part.


The A5s is one of the available cheap OPPO phones under 50000 naira. It has two variants, but we are interested in the 3GB RAM variant that currently sells for ₦47,000.

OPPO A5s runs Android 8.1 Oreo out of the box, has a 6.2-inch IPS LCD display, fingerprint reader at the back, MediaTek Helio P35 chipset, 8 MP selfie camera at the front, 13 MP + 2 MP rear dual camera with LED flash, 32 GB internal memory, and a 4230 mAh battery.


The last model on this list of OPPO phones under 50000 naira is the A3s. This model has two variants – 2GB/16GB and 3GB/32GB. It is the lower end variant that sells in Nigeria and has a price tag below ₦50,000. It has a 6.2-inch notched IPS LCD display, an 8 megapixel selfie camera in the wide notch on the screen, and a 13MP + 2MP dual rear camera.

OPPO A3s is powered by a Snapdragon 450 processor. It has a 4230 mAh battery and you can expand the memory via a microSD card slot. It lacks a fingerprint scanner though, so bear that in mind.

How much does it sell for? Just ₦39,900. It is the most affordable or cheapest OPPO smartphone available in Nigeria. As phone prices rise, let’s just say that there are no OPPO phones below or under ₦40,000 in the market.

If you are looking for an OPPO phone ranging from ₦30,000-35,000, or anything less than ₦35,000, that’s a tough call. As at this time, none exists. As phone prices rise, let’s just say that there are no OPPO phones below or under ₦40,000 in the market.

For a little bit more, you can have one of the following OPPO smartphones

If you are willing and able to spare a few thousand extra naira, there are a few OPPO phones that cost a little bit more for you to consider:


Just add ₦2,000 to your budget of N50,000 and you can become the proud owner of the higher variant of OPPO A3s. Besides the higher RAM of 3GB and bigger 32GB storage space, all the other specs are the same with the lower variant.


The 4GB RAM variant of the A5s costs about ₦55,000. You also get a bump in storage up to 64GB. All other specs are the same with the lower variant.

Lastly, you will likely find more cheap OPPO phones under 50000 naira if you look in the direction of Realme, as it is a sub-brand focused on more affordable budget devices. Realme phones are not officially on sale in Nigeria yet though, but there are a number of vendors who can get you one. Or you could shop directly from sites like AliExpress and Gearbest.

Happy shopping!

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