In January 2021, OPPO became the number 1 smartphone brand in China

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For the first time ever, OPPO became the number 1 smartphone brand in China. The company beat contenders like Huawei, Xiaomi, and Vivo to clinch the top spot.

Of course, the decline of Huawei was instrumental to this development. Huawei held the position for years and was on track to become the world’s largest Android phone maker until the US government slammed sanctions on their operations.

oppo became the number 1 smartphone brand in China for the first time

According to CounterPoint Research, OPPO’s marketshare grew 26% over the period of a year and the company reached 21% market share in January 2021. Trailing behind it were Vivo, Huawei, Apple and Xiaomi.

OPPO phones are some of the most beautiful and most capable Android smartphones around.

In recent times, the brand has pushed hard to deliver affordable smartphone models in the mid-range sector of the market. That new focus has worked well, it appears.

The Top Smartphone Brands In China As At January 2021

How do things stand in China at this time? Which are the top 5 smartphone brands in China at this time?

  1. OPPO – 21%
  2. Vivo – 20%
  3. Huawei, Apple, Xiaomi – 16% each

With 20%, Vivo is right behind OPPO. Both companies are subsidiaries of BBK Electronics.

Each of Huawei, Apple and Xiaomi has 16% of the market and tie in 3rd position.

Huawei’s hold on the market decreased significantly after the company sold off the Honor brand. The sub-brand was highly instrumental to the growth of Huawei’s market share in recent years. With it gone, that hold gave way.

Beyond the Chinese market, OPPO smartphones are also on sale in more countries around the world, as the brand seeks to gain more international market share.


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