The OPPO A96 is a mid-range phone that was released earlier this year. Since its release, there have been several reviews that have had nothing but complaints about the problems that the device has. It does have good specs, considering the fact that it is a mid-range phone but it is plagued with problems and that’s what we are going to look into today.

OPPO A96 problems and solutions: How to fix them

OPPO A96 problem: Lagging Issue

When it comes to lag, there are a few phone brands that barely escape this problem, if any. Users have complained heavily about the OPPO A96 and how bad it lags. Here are a few ways you can improve this issue.

OPPO A96 problem: Software Updates

Brands like OPPO are quite consistent when it comes to software updates. If you have a software update available for your OPPO A96, update it immediately. Now, Software updates can also be the cause of lag. This is because these updates usually take a while to be fully implemented and acquainted with your device. After a while, your device will run smoothly or smoother than it ran before the update. So be sure to check for updates.

To check for updates, go to Settings > System update or Software updates > Software update, and tap on it. If there is any update available, download it.

OPPO A96 problem: Cached data 

Having a large amount of cache can cause lag on your OPPO A96. Clearing the cache will go a long way in trying to improve the laggy state that your phone is currently in. To clear the cache, go to device settings, then look for storage and tap on cached data. All you have to do now is tap on Clear cache. Clearing cache also helps increase your storage space. 

OPPO A96 problem: Close apps not in use

Opening multiple apps and having them run in the background on your device can make lagging worse for you if you already had the problem and can cause it if you didn’t. You need to go to the app tab and close all the apps that you are not using.

Uninstall Cleaner and Antivirus Apps

Now, these apps are menaces. Downloading a cleaner or Antivirus app will heat your phone as you have never experienced before and also cause your device to lag. Stay away from them. If you have them installed, delete them.

OPPO A96 problem: Overheating problem

Overheating is a very common problem with smartphones and the OPPO A96 is no exception. These are a few ways you can improve this problem. 

Turning off unused connectivity features

Features like GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and mobile data are key contributors to why your OPPO A96 might be lagging. Leaving any combination of these features on will drain your battery quickly and cause overheating. This is because your device is working overtime to run these features while you are engaging in whatever activity on your phone. Turn these features off if you don’t necessarily need them.

Close unused apps

Leaving apps open in the background doesn’t just cause your phone to lag, it causes overheating too. Picture this scenario. You have your Wi-Fi or mobile data on. If you are using buds, you have your Bluetooth turned on. You are probably using your device for an activity or two. Now, add the number of unused apps you have running in the background. When you add all the power and processing used, it is hard not to see why your device feels like hot metal. Close and clear all your unused apps in the app tab, it will do your phone a great deal of good. 

OPPO A96 problem: Camera problems after firmware upgrade

In some situations, minor or major firmware upgrades can make our OPPO A96 camera applications get into some trouble. Reset the camera application settings to factory default. If the problems still happen, then try backing up all important data and do a hard reset for reformatting OPPO A96 to factory default.

These are some of the problems you can encounter while using your OPPO A96, that can frustrate your experience. You can comment down below on problems that you have that are different from the ones mentioned, and we will give you feedback.

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