Nigerian Newspapers Online: Their Websites and Apps

While social media and blogs have changed how people publish and consume news, millions of Nigerians all around the world continue to depend on Nigerian Newspapers for their daily dose of news. Non-Nigerians with interests in the country also depend on these publishing outfits.

The good news is that all of them have functional websites that anyone with a mobile phone can access. Most of the websites are mobile-friendly, and some of these newspapers also have mobile apps that you can download and install on your smartphone.


Nigerian Newspapers Online

if you are interested in accessing the latest news in Nigeria on your mobile phone, below is a list of available Nigerian newspapers online, their founding dates, as well as links to their websites and mobile apps.

List Of Nigerian Newspapers Online

  1. Nigerian Tribune: The Nigerian Tribune newspaper was established in 1949 by Obafemi Awolowo and is the oldest surviving private Nigerian newspaper. Visit website. Download mobile app.
  2. Nigeria News TodayVisit website
  3. Punch Nigeria: This newspaper was founded in 1973. Visit website
  4. Sun Newspaper NigeriaVisit website
  5. The Nation Newspaper NigeriaVisit website
  6. The Guardian Newspaper Nigeria: The Guardian is an independent newspaper established in 1983. Visit website
  7. Vanguard News: Vanguard Newspapers was established in 1984. Visit website
  8. ThisDay Live: ThisDay Newspapers was founded in 1995. Visit website
  9. Premium Times: Premium Times newspaper was founded in 2011. Visit website
  10. The NationVisit website
  11. Sahara Reporters: Operating from New York City, Sahara Reporters was founded in 2006. Visit website.

This list is in-exhaustive and is continually updated.

How To Read All Nigerian Newspapers in one place

If you prefer to read news from all Nigerian Newspapers in one place, there are apps that aggregate content from multiple newspapers for your convenience. See our article, get the latest news in Nigeria on your mobile phone.

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