Blackview recently created a splash by the launch of an all-new pair of TWS Bluetooth earphones, Blackview AirBuds 7. Featuring HQ sound, Bluetooth 5.3, an impressive 30 hours of battery life, the first-ever LED battery display, and a comfortable design at only $21.99, Blackview AirBuds 7 redefines the entry-level TWS earphone performance.

New TWS Earphones Blackview AirBuds 7 Launches

Besides a wide bunch of smartphones, Blackview also has good sets of earphones with wide-ranging budgets and dulcet listening in its product lineup. TWS earphones series has won the heart of most users for its affordable excellence after the launch of AirBuds 1, AirBuds 2, and AirBuds 3. Then arrives the AirBuds 5 Pro with flagship noise-canceling performance, perfect call & sound quality, and impressive playtime, opening a new chapter for this series.

The launch of AirBuds 6 not only highlights the cost-value of the product but also focuses on the younger and is popular with more young people. Now comes the highly-anticipated AirBuds 7 with upgrades from the design to the battery life. Blackview Audios continuously breaks the standards of what can be with the budget earphones, which also applies to the AirBuds 7. 

Blackview AirBuds 7 vs Blackview AirBuds 6: Specs Comparison

Blackview AirBuds 7 vs Blackview AirBuds 6

HQ Sound with Noise Reduction & 13mm Dynamic Driver

According to Blackview Official, thanks to the newly-added adaptive dual-mic Environmental Noise Cancellation Technology (ENC) and Dialogue Noise Suppression algorithm (DNS), Blackview AirBuds 7 moderately reduces external low-frequency noise, making your listening more comfortable. While you immerse in music, you can also hear the voices of friends around you or the information broadcast on the station. In addition, Blackview AirBuds 7 adopts the 13mm dynamic driver to precisely capture audio across a wider field of frequencies. The highly-sensitive PU and TI titanium composite diaphragm are carefully tuned to produce finely authentic and balanced audio, pleasing your ears and mind with more powerful treble, deeper bass, and more clarity midrange.

Up to 30 Hours of Playtime & LED Battery Display & Wireless Charging

Another highlight of the exposure information is the superior battery life. If you are a heavy earphone user, Blackview AirBuds 7 must suit you. From the Blackview laboratory tests, AirBuds 7 can provide up to 6 hrs of music playback on a single full charge, and with the charging case, it delivers up to 30 hrs of continuous playback time, which is whole 10 hrs more than AirBuds 6.

For the first time, Blackview AirBuds 7 takes on the LED battery display to indicate the battery status and remind you of in-time charging, eliminating your battery anxiety. When the case runs out of power, unlike other Blackview TWS earphones, Blackview AirBuds 7 supports wireless charging to push the cable limits. Moreover,  it adapts to almost all devices and systems on the market, ensuring that you can immerse yourself in the ocean of music anytime and start your music journey immediately.

Blackview AirBuds 7 in case

Comfortable Ergonomic Half-in-ear Design

Besides, AirBuds 7 has also passed the elaborate design on its appearance. The classy inky charging case stands out from the crowd with a refreshing rounded rectangle-shaped design. With streamlined curves, comfortable matte design, and stylish tech, AirBuds 7 has been tested massively by thousands of users experienced in the Blackview laboratory through various ear contours. The earbuds fit snugly and seamlessly in the ears with minimal pressure and maximal comfort and realize the “light and airy” wearing experience.

Blackview AirBuds 7

IPX7 Waterproof

A pair of earphones with excellent water and sweat resistance will be a good start for workouts. AirBuds 7 is IPX7 waterproof, a top level of water resistance, showing Blackview continues its persistence in up-a-notch protection for rugged phones in the earphone lineup. While running around in the rain, never let the raindrops hold back your steps and spoil the audio fun. For mealtime, it prevents accidental splashes of coffee or food oil. Keep safe and reliable all the time. 

More Useful Features of Blackview AirBuds 7

Blackview AirBuds 7 not only has the above-mentioned high-performance upgrades but also features low-latency and high-synchronization Game Mode, intuitive touch control, automatic pairing and connection, the latest Bluetooth 5.3, and other high-end audio functions. 

Price & Availability

Equipped with so many high-end features, Blackview AirBuds 7 is now available at a friendly price of $21.99.

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