Nairalanders tear TECNO phones apart, but TECNO fans won’t have it

It has become something of a routine to see one Narialand member or the other attack TECNO phones and TECNO fans. In the latest incident, one user posted:

Tecno lies about their phone
Tecno has refused to adopt
95% of their phones are made with 2cores 1.2ghz and 1.3ghz whilst other brands are making 4.0ghz ,2.8ghz, 2.2ghz,20,16 and 8 cores my Xiaomi is 2.2ghz and 12cores
Techno uses old anti outdated old processor that isn’t meant for phone with only two cores not even hd+ talk more of fhd
Highest techno processor is helio p23 they sold above 70k but Nokia Helio p60 selling 38k

I saw 32mp on infinix helio p22 If I’m right helio p22 can’t power 32mp you can read more on Google

Neverteless, TECNO fans seem unperturbed. In response, one of them said in defiance, “That won’t stop me from buying tecno.”

What is your take on the ongoing war against TECNO (and by extension itel and Infinix) by fans of Xiaomi and other brands? Does it have any merits or are they just the rants of people who want to run down the competition?

Dont sleep on this

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