Have you seen those “For Dummies” book titles? An example is Accounting For Dummies. The idea of the entire series is to present information that people need in an easy-to-digest format, so that they can actually… well, use it.

Of recent, I made a new friend who is not a geek. We have had several discussions, and it was one of them that led to yesterday’s article, The death of the non-touch smartphone.

Well, something else came out of one of our chats. Her story of how she found Mobility Arena is short but interesting. She is a reader of Mr Bankole’s blog, LordBanks, and it was from there that she clicked on a link to this site.

But – and here’s the key part – she stated that the reason that she reads LordBanks is because the blog presents technology in a way that is easy for her to digest. #InsertMusic

At the end of the day, it does not matter how much we geeks love to quote processor speeds and megapixel counts, what matters to the end user is how well these devices and services do what they need. They don’t care about those deep specs. They don’t care whether or not the CPU is single, dual, triple, or quadzillion core.

The original iPhone lacked so many things that it was a toy to some of us. But lots of people who picked one up didn’t know and didn’t care. It met their needs. They just went out and picked one up.

Geeks want the specs. People out there just want a device that meets their needs. And they want information in an easy-to-understand package.

This is why here at Mobility Arena we have always placed a strong emphasis on hands-on reviews (not those reviews based on the manufacturer’s specs). We tell our readers whether this works on that device or not. Nothing else matters to them.

Out of modesty, I did not ask my friend whether she finds the content on this site easy to assimilate or not. However, seeing that she has become a regular, I suspect that she does find it easy to digest.

More than ever, I want to see Mobility Arena be referred to as the mobile technology blog for dummies. Hmmmmm. Shall we try out that tagline for a while?

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