Functionality Meets Aesthetics – Meet the ZERO 5G

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As the world continues its reliance on virtual communication and promotes a more digital lifestyle, consumers have become accustomed to using a smartphone in nearly every aspect of their daily lives. High levels of screen time have prompted reconsideration of their requirements, prioritizing functionality, simplicity and ease of use above all.

This means delivery of a differentiated user experience and user-friendly devices with clean and uncomplicated styles which have been driven by the desire for bigger screens and more minimal, yet functional features. Infinix aims to strike a balance between aesthetics and performance with its smartphone design to create beautifully crafted products and more seamless user experiences in line with current trends. 

Introducing Infinix ZERO 5G

The ZERO 5G is Infinix’s first premier 5G smartphone, featuring MediaTek Dimensity 900 6nm chipset with Dual 5G SIM technology, allowing users have access to premium 5G services from both connections whenever they need it. The device also features a 48MP main camera with 30X Ultra-zoom for long-range photography, a 6.78” FHD+ Ultra-smooth Display for immediate finger touch responses, easy to operate UI interface and a 5000mAh battery with 33W quick charge technology. 

Infinix Zero 5G - The Next Big Thing from Infinix

Infinix has focused on putting consumers first by leveraging a user-friendly design, balanced with functionality, and developing a device that buyers emotionally and physically connect with. The brand’s ‘less in more’ philosophy has led to a pure and progressive design for the ZERO 5G, delivering an intuitive user experience. 

A Work of Art in Your Hand

The ZERO 5G carries a unique Uni-Curve design that was made to turn heads and make the ZERO 5G look truly incredible. The Infinix design team was inspired by G2 curvature continuous standards on luxury sports cars, which adds elegance to the pure, sleek frame and geometric line, allowing the cold rationality of technology to be brought to life by the unique curvature.

The ZERO 5G’s curved frame was put through rigorous testing, completing 100 mold adjustments, 84 curvature optimizations, and the “zebra crossing” surface reflection test, before a perfect curve back cover was finally formulated. The glass-like composite material it is covered with makes it glossy, while subtle textures on the back cover remain a fashionable display of the strength and technology of the curved surface. The ZERO 5G’s back cover is both modern and hard-wearing and protects the device in almost all standard usage scenarios.

Infinix Zero 5G - The Next Big Thing from Infinix

The curved design makes the smartphone thinner, lighter and more comfortable to hold, making photography easier than ever before. The ZERO 5G’s contour drop camera design with a powerful 30X zoom module is integrated into the curve of the device, creating an ergonomic design that is ’palm friendly’ and a move away from traditional camera modules’ harsher right-angle positioning. The 30X 48MP zoom camera allows users to capture high-quality, detailed images from a great distance making the ZERO 5G a powerful tool for mobile photography enthusiasts.

A Rich Immersive Display 

The ZERO 5G’s large display is perfectly designed for consuming online media, with stunning colors and a seamless response time combined with power-saving capabilities on a 6.78” FHD ultra-smooth display. The device also has a 120Hz refresh rate and 240Hz touch sampling rate for playing games and streaming content with extremely fast response times. The UX design system on screen is easy to use, concise and efficient. XOS 10 is re-engineered with catchy designs and efficient upgrades. The color shades are well balanced bringing users the impact of texture, emotion, and energy right on the first use. XOS 10.0 offers immersive experiences using intelligent applications such as AI Voice Assistant, Smart Scenes, Phone Cloner 2.0 and Doc Correction.

Deep & Vibrant Colorways

The colorways available with the ZERO 5G draw inspiration from the universe, most specifically the mysterious shadows of our galaxy. The smartphone is available in three colors, each bringing a unique feel; Cosmic Black invokes thoughts of distant ethers, Skylight Orange is bright and energizing and Horizon Blue is truly mesmerizing. The ZERO 5G in Skylight Orange is the industry’s first leather-clad smartphone with a curved frame, achieving an excellent balance between vision and touch, evoking a sense of strength, comfort and style. 

The design process of the ZERO 5G has been a journey of artistic inspiration and experimentation using materials, colors and textures, the final result is truly stunning and we’re proud to call it our finest work yet. Infinix always keeps the consumer in mind when creating stunning smart devices that empower their lives and we hope that users all around the world will enjoy having the all-new ZERO 5G in their hands.

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