Video game fans are very persistent people. If they want something, they will let you know. Real gamers know for sure that playing Game Karma is a pleasure. Believe it or not, the Mario Party series has a lot of fans these days. As a rule, these are people who grew up during the Nintendo 64 and for whom there is nothing dearer than the angular polygons of the 64-bit era.

For this reason, we still want to return to the frankly outdated Mario Kart 64 and fondly remember the original Mario Party. Although scary, they had a magic that dozens of sequels could not convey. And finally, what everyone seemed to be asking for happened: a de facto remake of those very first games authored by Hudson Soft. But what came of it?

Game Party in the Style of the 90s with the Mario Party series.

Favorite Mario Party game

Everyone has their favorite Mario Party game, as well as their least favorite. Fans of this seemingly very casual series are actually surprisingly aggressive, and they can be understood: each new part should take them back to their childhood when everything was better and clearer. But NDcube did not set itself such a task: for which each new part was a chance to squeeze the maximum out of the console and show all its features.

Mario Party 8 used motion controls, while Mario Party 10 made the most of the screen controller. But these gimmicks have long become boring to many — people asked to return to the roots, and this is exactly what happened with the release of Mario Party Superstars. No more experiments.

Whether you like this move or not, everyone decides for themselves. Nintendo did exactly what everyone asked of it — rewound twenty years and returned everything as it was, along the way canceling dozens of changes that have occurred in recent years. And if the old ones are happy, the relatively new players will be surprised. There are no more unique dice for each character or support heroes. Many mechanics that complicated the very essence of the game have disappeared. In every sense, Mario Party Superstars is a step backward. But what a regression is for someone, for others, it is a long-awaited nirvana.

Mario Party Superstars

Mario Party Superstars offers five original boards from the first three games to choose from. Each of them is almost unrecognizable thanks to a graphical upgrade, and it’s nice to look at them. And in this sense, the novelty is one of the most beautiful releases on the platform, with bright and saturated colors and a lot of little things.

As for the gameplay, it is as simple and concise as possible. The developers have either removed all the unpopular innovations of recent years or made them disabled. Don’t like bonus stars after playing? Disable them. Do you want to limit the time of the game so that one session does not take you an hour and a half? Set the required number of moves. You can even select minigames from the N64 or GameCube era only or filter them by type. Considering how rarely Nintendo gives us something to customize — this variety of settings cannot but rejoice.

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