A brand new iPhone 7 Plus would normally cost between ₦140,000 and ₦270,000 in the market, depending on the variant. So, an offer to pay N20,000 for one should raise red flags. There is a video making the rounds showing a wailing man who supposedly bought an iPhone 7 Plus for 20,000 naira at Computer Village, Ikeja in Lagos.

The story is that he opened the phone box, only to find fufu inside. No iPhone. Some say that he deserved it, as there is no way that he could buy a genuine iPhone 7 Plus for that price. He would be hard pressed to buy a used iPhone 7 Plus for 20,000 naira either.

Want to buy an iPhone 7 Plus for 20,000 naira?
Want to buy an iPhone 7 Plus for 20000 naira? Bad idea.

Fufu is a cassava-based food that is popular in West Africa. That is what he got in place of an iPhone 7 Plus for N20,000.

Here is the video:


If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Ifd going shopping at Computer Village, Ikeja, it is a good idea to patronize the top phone dealers located there for your feature phone and smartphone needs.

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