iOS 16.2: How To Enable 5G On Your iPhone for Airtel and Reliance Jio India, MTN Nigeria, and Safaricom Kenya

The official public release of iOS 16.2 arrived for some users on the 8th of December 2022, weighing 4.93 GB in size, though it is only just rolling out to millions more this week. Put aside any other cool features that may be exciting some others; if you are an iPhone user in India, Malaysia, Nigeria, and Kenya, the excitement about iOS 16.2 is that it is the software update that makes it possible for you to activate or enable 5G on your iPhone.

Mobile networks like Airtel India, Reliance Jio India, MTN Nigeria, and Safaricom kenya, have launched 5G services, but 5G-compatible iPhone users on those networks were shocked to find that their devices could not access 5G. Malaysian mobile subscribers faced the same issue. The affected mobile operators later made it clear that 5G access would come with the iOS 16.2 software update. It is rolling out now, so let’s walk you through how to activate 5G on your iPhone.

How To Enable 5G On Your iPhone

Which iPhone Models Are Compatible?

All current iPhone models are eligible to receive iOS 16.2. But which ones will get 5G compatibility with the iOS 16.2 update? The following models: iPhone 14 series, iPhone 13 series, iPhone SE 3, and iPhone 12 series.

Update Your iPhone To iOS 16.2

If you have one of the above iPhone models and have been unable to use 5G on your network operator’s 5G network, the first step is to enable 5G on your iPhone is to update your phone’s software. Go to Settings >> General >> Software Update. If there the update is available for you, it will show up here. Tap on Download and Install. Your iPhone will start the download; complete the installation process and your phone will restart.

How To Enable 5G On Your iPhone

After your iPhone has restarted, it is now updated to iOS 16.2. To enable 5G, open the Settings menu and follow these steps: Settings >> Mobile Data >> Mobile Data Options >> Voice & Data >> Tap on either 5G Auto or 5G On. 5G Auto is better if you are in spotty 5G coverage area and do not want your iPhone battery to drain fast. If you select 5G On, your iPhone will keep trying to stay on 5G even when the signal is weak, leading to faster battery drain.

That is it; if/when you are in 5G coverage area, your iPhone will now connect to 5G and display a 5G icon in the notifications bar at the top of the screen. You can begin to enjoy the faster speeds and benefits of your mobile operator’s 5G network.

Other iOS 16.2 Features

In addition to being able to enable 5G on your iPhone, other features that iOS 16.2 brings to iPhones include: Apple Music Sing, Advanced Data Protection for iCloud, Lock Screen improvements, and more. Be sure to check them out.

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