Tech Reviews on the Zero X Series with Moon Capture Technology

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As a young, smart brand looking to constantly improve with every new release, Infinix has gained praise yet again from Global tech reviewers on the latest Zero X series. The partnership with The Royal Observatory Greenwich in London has produced groundbreaking technology that lets you capture the night sky in a way that has never been possible before. 

Infinix Zero X pro review by TechChap

The Tech Chap, a top tech YouTuber in the UK,  described the device as a value-for-money device that, in his own words, “…did blow me away a little bit.” He also admitted that, “The flagship Zero X Pro offers a great all-round experience and its impressive camera setup literally, and figuratively, shoots for the moon!”

Techradar, a globally recognised tech review platform, has this to say, “The most impressive feature of the Infinix Zero X Pro is the powerful camera system. You’ll find few budget-friendly devices offering this much on the camera front.”

Infinix Zero X Pro review by TechRadar

“The Zero X Pro runs on a special dual-chip system pairing a Media Tek Helio G95 octa-core chipset with a MediaTek Intelligent Display chipset. This gives it plenty of power to run and more advanced display capabilities.”

Infinix Zero X Pro review by TechRadar 2

An expert astronomer, Dr. Emily, observed, “It was a great experience to be able to spot the Moon and capture it on technology that fits in your pocket, especially considering how far technology and photography has come over hundreds of years!” She agrees that the technology is a great way to encourage creativity and exploration of the night sky and everything in it. 

Infinix Zero X Pro review by expert astronomer

Another tech reviewer with a humorous twist, Ubergizmo, said, “The Infinix Zero X Series rear camera systems have been carefully crafted with the most common use cases in mind, featuring an excellent primary camera module supported by a powerful zoom and an Ultrawide camera.”

Infinix Zero X Pro review by UberGizmo

Infinix always upholds the spirit of exploration and wants to enable users to capture memories with the simple click of a button. With the Zero X Series in your hands, the stars and the night sky are now closer than ever. 

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