How to use Internet Sharing on Windows Mobile 6

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This may sound like useless, outdated information for those living on the cutting edge, but I keep running into mobile subscribers who still use a Windows Mobile or Symbian smartphone, as dated as those may be. And some of them are looking for how to use internet sharing on those devices.

Just today, I received the following request:

Please I need you to assist me on using HTC Touch Pro 2 as modem. I will appreciate it. Thanks.

HTC Touch Pro 2 - internet sharing - windows mobile 6 internet

The HTC Touch Pro 2 (reviewed here) is a Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone. Using it as a modem is quite easy, with Microsoft having built in an app called “Internet Sharing”.

  • Make sure that you already have an active data plan and correct settings on your Touch Pro 2. If you are able to use internet on the phone itself, you are good.
  • Connect your device to your PC with a USB cable
  • On your Touch Pro 2 (or any other Windows Mobile device), tap Start > Programs > Internet Sharing
  • Next, select “USB” for “PC Connection”
  • Next, select the “Network Connection” that you will connect with
  • Next, tap “Connect”

The connection will be initiated and once completed, you will see the status ‘Connected’ displayed. Internet sharing is now active on your Windows Mobile 6 device. Happy internet browsing on your PC.

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