Being able to share your data bundle/subscription with family and friends is something you will find useful at some point in time. If you are wondering if you can share MTN data, know for sure that you can, and there are a handful of ways to do it. It is a great tool if you have members of your family or work team who are all on the MTN network and you need to share your mobile Internet with them. 

Note that you can only send MTN data to another MTN SIM. You cannot share MTN data with a non-MTN line. Also, you will not be able to share any data you have been gifted by someone else. You will also be unable to share bonus data. You are only able to share MTN data that you paid for under the daily, weekly, and monthly bundle plans. Lastly, note that you can only transfer data a maximum of two times every day.

how to share MTN data via MyMTN app mobility nigeria

Do You Need A PIN To Transfer/Send MTN Data To Friends?

If you are worried about using and forgetting a PIN, thankfully, the methods below do not require a PIN share MTN data from your line to another MTN number.

How To Share MTN Data Via MyMTN Mobile App

  • Download and install the myMTN mobile app on your smartphone from the Play Store by clicking HERE
  • Launch the app and sign in
  • Look under the Data Balance section and tap on “Details”. The details and balances of your bundle subscriptions will be presented to you. This includes your paid bundles, any data you have been gifted by other MTN subscribers, as well as any data bonus you may have.
  • At the top of the page, tap on “Share Data”.  The app will display youer shareable data balance, i.e. the data from which you can share with others.
  • Options of data volumes that are available to share at the time of this article (August 2020) include: 50 MB, 100 MB, 200 MB, and 500 MB.
  • Select the one you want to share
  • Enter the MTN phone number you want to send the data to. You can enter it manually, or browse to pick a number from your Contacts list.
  • Then tap “Proceed” and complete the process.

That’s it. You have successfully shared your MTN data.

How To Share MTN Data Via USSD Codes

how to share MTN data via ussd mobility nigeria

If you do not want to download an app to be able to share your data, you may be looking for a USSD code to use to share data with a family member or friend on MTN network. Thankfully, you are in luck. You can share your data by USSD code. There are two codes available.

The one you are likely already familiar with is *131#. Here is how to go about it:

  • Dial *131# and select the 7th option – “Gift Data”
  • Next select, “Transfer from Data Balance”, and tap “Send”.
  • Next, enter the Recipeint’s phone number i.e. the MTN line you want to send the data to.
  • Next, select the data volume you want to share.
  • Tap “Send” to complete the process and send the data to your friend.

That is it. Easily done. The second code is a derivative of *131# and is faster to use.

  • Dial *131*7# and select “Transfer from Data Balance”, and tap “Send”.
  • Enter the phone number you want to send the data to.
  • Next, select the data volume you want to share.
  • Tap “Send” to complete the process and send the data to your friend.

Voila, you have successfully send MTN data to your friend. Don’t forget: code to share MTN data to another MTN SIM is *131*7#. Save that USSD code in your Contacts so you do not forget. You can save it with a name like, “Share MTN Data”.

How Can You Check The Balance Of MTN Data Shared To You?

If someone has shared MTN data with you, here are ways to check your data balance:

  • USSD: Dial *131*4#
  • SMS: Text 2 to 131
  • App: Launch the myMTN App and it will display your data balances 

How long can MTN shared data last? What is the validity of shared data?

When you share MTN data with a contact, the validity of that shared data is same as that of the originating plan. If your data bundle will expire in a week, the shared data will also expire in a week.

Now, you know how to share from your data bundle. Spread the love. There is love in sharing. Don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends too.

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