Sony launched the first-ever PlayStation console in 1994, and in 2020, the company launched its newest console, the PlayStation 5. Since the first launch, thousands of PlayStation games have been released including exclusive titles that can only be found on the console. Have you ever thought of how to play PlayStation games on Android phones? Well, considering the amount of interesting games on there, it would not be a surprise.

Today, there are some good PlayStation emulators available on the Google Play Store that will allow you to play PlayStation games on Android phones. With them, you can play those old games you remember playing on your PlayStation console. Now, let us get right into it.

Ways to Play PlayStation Games on Android Phones

There is quite an amount of emulators on the Google Play Store that claim to play PlayStation games on Android phones. However, not all of them run well across different Android phones. Below, I will share the ones I think stand the most chance of running on your phone.

1. FPse


FPse is one of the household names in the PlayStore if you’re searching for an emulator to run PlayStation games. And it has that feat because it does a good enough job to play PlayStation games on your Android phones.

FPse was launched in 2011 and since then, it has garnered over 500 thousand downloads on the PlayStore. It is a paid app that costs around $3.65.

FPse is packed with features that help to enhance the gaming experience and make it feel like a console. Save and load states is a common feature that is also available here. It has support for external controllers to improve gameplay. The in-game controls are also very customizable, to make it fit any way you want to play. If you have the technical know-how, there are lots of plugins and advanced options that you play around with. There are options available to help make the emulator prioritize either great graphics or smoother gameplay depending on what your phone can run well. It is also compatible with a lot of games and a lot of devices.

2. DuckStation


DuckStation is another top option when it comes to emulators that play PlayStation games on Android phones. It was launched on the Google Play Store in 2020 and now, it has over 1 million downloads.

DuckStation is packed with features like save and load states and support for up to 8 physical controllers. It supports a lot of games and devices so there is a high chance that there would be no compatibility issues. It has support for OpenGL and Vulkan which helps to improve the graphics quality on many phones.

DuckStation is free for the basic version, and there is a premium version which costs $5.99.

3. Lemuroid


Lemuroid is another PlayStation emulator that is available for Android phones. It is quite different from the first two on this list as this is an all-in-one emulator. It can run PlayStation games and also other console games. All you have to download and install the cores needed to run PlayStation games, and you are good to go. It uses the Libreto cores.

Lemuroid has features like save and load states, support for external controllers, and support for syncing your progress to the cloud. Lemuroid is supported by a lot of devices and it can play a wide range of games.

4. ePSXe


Just like FPse, ePSXe is another top option here as it is also a household name when it comes to PlayStation emulators on the Google Play Store.

ePSXe was launched in 2012 on the PlayStore and now, it has over 1 million downloads. Unlike FPse, ePSXe is easier to get a grip on, and it works will a wide range of Android devices.

Some features with this are split-screen mode, save and load states, support for external controllers, etc. OpenGL is also supported here so the graphics looks good. There is only a paid version and it costs about $4.

5. RetroArch


This is quite a different type of emulator, making it a little more special when compared to others on this list. This is also an all-in-one emulator like Lemuroid. It runs PlayStation games very well as well as other consoles like PSP.

The RetroArch emulator app was first published on the PlayStore in 2014 and now, it has over 5 million downloads. You have to download the PlayStation system as a plugin and once installed, it will run PlayStation games well.

RetroArch comes with the ability to remap controls and other inputs. It also allows you to load and use cheats in different games, which is quite a normal thing for some. You can save states while playing games and it has support for many languages.
RetroArch is free to use and there is no paid version at all. It is also open source.

Now, we’ve come to the end of this article showing you how to play PlayStation games on Android phones. Perhaps you fancy PSP instead, Read our article on how to play PSP games on your Android phone.

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