Having your PC run slowly and load things slower than normal is one of the most frustrating things that can happen to a computer user today’s well. Knowing how to make your PC run faster is something that is going to make a huge difference.


A study carried out in 2013 reveals that slow computers can cause you to lose close to 6 days of productivity in a year. Many things can cause PC to be slow so we’d try to cover as much of them as possible. So you’d make your PC run faster no matter what caused it to run slow.

Make Your PC Run Faster

Here are ways to make your PC run faster if you have noticed that is running way slower than it used to do before.

1. Close all tabs

You may always leave tabs open on all of your web browsers thinking about how unharmful it is, but this is a bad practice. Whilst it may be convenient to always have your tabs open, it causes problems for your computer. When a tab is open, it usually runs processes in the background which strains your PC processing power leading to slower performances. To prevent this, make sure to always close all the tabs that you are not using at the moment.

2. Stop programs when launching automatically

If you want to make your PC run faster, stopping programs from automatically running when you start up your PC is a way to start.

Many programs on your PC are set to run automatically when you boot up your PC, this can become a problem. For example, if the apps that launch automatically are heavy or there are too many of them, it’ll keep a strain on your processor. Make sure to turn off auto-launching on any program you don’t want to start automatically. Antivirus and firewall programs are ones to not turn off as they are important.

3. Switch to a higher-performance mode

This is a question of whether you want a faster PC or better battery life, so be ready to make that decision. Most PC have different modes, one to maximize battery life and one to improve performance neglecting battery life. This option is usually on the battery settings of your PC.

4. Get rid of unused programs

One great way to make your PC run faster is to delete or uninstall programs that you do not use at all. Most times, these programs take up space and some even run automatically in the background without you knowing. So go to your control panel and see the list of programs you have installed. Now, select the ones that you do not use and won’t need, then uninstall them.

5. Install Windows update

Well, updates are sent to improve the user experience of the product so make sure your PC is up to date via Windows Update. A new update can improve efficiency and optimisations, which makes your PC run faster. Try to update all the other apps that you use, as a new update may come with useful improvements.

6. Delete unneeded files

Having your drive filled up can also make your PC run slowly, the computer needs enough free space to run properly. Go through the files in your storage and delete the ones that you no longer need. It will make your PC run faster and let you have more space for things you need.

7. Get an SSD

If you have a laptop with an HDD, it may be the reason why your laptop is slow. A typical SSD is more than 3x faster than a typical HDD.
Buy an SSD and install it on your PC, also make sure your Windows is running on the SSD. This will significantly make your PC run faster as it will boot up faster, open apps faster, move files faster, and many more.

8. Increase your RAM

If your PC has RAM of less than 4GB, I would suggest that you consider increasing the size if you want to make your PC run faster.
RAM is crucial in allowing your computer to perform multiple tasks simultaneously, as it helps temporarily store important information. Increase your RAM to at least 8GB or more if you can, and you’d see an increase in speeds.

9. Shut down regularly

Using your PC for a long period without shutting it down can make it run slowly as there will be temporary files that should have been cleared. So make sure you shut down your PC regularly, it will make your PC run faster as it won’t be clogged with unneeded temp files.

I hope these tips have helped you make your PC run faster. However, if it still runs slowly, then it might just be time for you to get a new PC if your present is very old and showing signs of aging like having a noisy fan, overheats, etc.

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