Tell me something more frustrating than when you are about to make a call or send a text only to find your phone has no service. If your phone has no signal bars, I’ll share with you some ways to boost your phone signal strength in today’s article.

There are different reasons for your phone to have a bad service signal. Being far away from the nearest cell tower, the network being congested, and the network having bad coverage, are all some of the reasons. Regardless of what causes it, rest assured you will have found a way to boost your phone signal strength after reading this piece. Let’s get right into it.

Ways to Boost Your Phone Signal Strength

Here are some of the ways to boost your phone signal strength if you find yourself in that frustrating situation.

1. Turn airplane mode on and off

Most phones do not search for the best signal around constantly to save battery life. This at times can lead to poor signal strength as your phone may be connected to a faraway cell tower when there are ones closer to you.


The quickest way you can boost your phone signal strength is to turn on airplane mode for about 15 seconds then turn it off again. This will make your phone scan for the nearest network to you and connect to that.
You can access Airplane mode from the Quick Settings of most Android phones or the Control Center of iPhones.

2. Remove your phone case

If you notice low signal strength, sometimes it can be caused by your phone case. Some phone cases are too thick or made with materials that affect the phone’s antenna. So make sure to remove your phone case and see if you get a better signal.

3. Restart your phone

Sometimes, if you go across a very far distance, you may have to restart your phone to fix issues like poor signal strength. Follow the steps below to restart your phone.


On a recent iPhone, hold the sleep/wake button and any one of the volume buttons, and swipe right on the power slider to turn off the phone. Now, after the phone turns off fully, hold down kn the sleep/wake button to turn the phone back on.

On most Android, hold down the power until a menu shows up on the screen, then tap Restart. If Restart is not an option, then tap Power Off to shut down, then then it back on after.
On some Android phones, you may need to hold the power button and volume down key to access the menu to restart or power off.

4. Step outside

It is common to have bad signals while in an elevator, and well, not just elevators, being close to concrete walls or metal objects. So a quick way to boost your phone signal strength is to step outside and make that there are no obstructions between your phone and any cell towers outside. You can also go to a window if going outside is not convenient.

5. Check your network setting

Most phones come with a 4G LTE network and sometimes even 5G, if you having issues with signal strength, changing to another network can be a good thing. If the 4G LTE network is congested, switching to 3G will do you more good even if it is slower.

6. Charge your phone

Having a low battery can prevent your phone from actively searching for and connecting to a stronger signal. This will lead to you having poor service. So make sure your phone is charged.

7. Remove your SIM card, Clean it


Another way to boost your phone signal strength is to remove your SIM and clean it if you notice any dirt on it. Put the SIM card back in the slot in the correct position, and insert it back into your phone. If you notice any defects on your SIM card, then you may have to get a new one.

8. Get a new SIM card

This option is only for those who have a very old SIM card. Sometimes, an old SIM card is not up to date with all the new bands, networks, and other advancements, and this can lead to poor signal strength frequently.

9. Hold your phone differently

Phones used to have external antennas but now, they are no more, as a way has been found to place these antennas inside the phone. So if you block these antennas while holding your phone, you would have a bad signal. To boost your phone signal strength, make sure you hold your phone in a way that the antenna is not blocked.

10. Get a cell phone signal booster

If you notice that there is no strong signal inside your home, you can invest in a cell phone signal booster. The booster takes the signals outside your house, amplifies it, then sends a stronger signal inside your home.

Now, we’ve come to the end of this article showing you how to boost your phone signal strength. Check out how to save your mobile data.

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