Keep your Children Safe By Activating Parental Control On DStv

The holidays are finally here, everyone will be at home, maybe family and friends will also come to visit, there will be a lot to watch on TV. All of these are the joys that come with the holiday season, but it is still important to not let your guard down as parents or guardians, that is why we will talk about Parental Control On DStv in this article.

You must have heard or even made use of the statement “the internet is a dangerous place”, yes without proper guidance or adequate know how the internet can be a sea of dangerous monsters. The danger we speak of here is not limited to the “internet” alone, any form of content consumed digitally can pose a threat in various ways. Therefore, children are always at risk, hence the need to be on guard with regard to what content your children consume at a tender age.

We live in a digital era where it is essential to introduce children to various gadgets at a tender age, but keeping them safe while still educating them should be a priority.

Parental Control On DStv

Keep your Children Safe By Activating Parental Control On DStv 1

Multichoice has come to be the biggest entertainment company here in Africa and is responsible for major pay-TV operators such as DStv and GOtv and streaming services like ShowMax. To a very good extent user safety and privacy has also been at the core of its services. 

There are a couple of parental control features that are available, and you can on your DStv decoder to keep track of what your children watch. These features are designed to keep your child safe from certain content that can be harmful to them. This move is not only to protect your child from harmful content, but also to help teach them digital etiquettes.

Yes, of course, DStv censors the content, shows and programs aired on their platform, but it is still important to keep track of what children watch at very tender ages. Let us now talk about how you can easily activate Parental Control On DStv.

How To Activate Parental Control On DStv

Generally, there is a default pin for Parental Control On DStv which comes bundled with every decoder, this pin is 1234. But, as a parent or guardian, you can choose to change this pin while setting up your parental control on DStv. The steps below will guide on how to go about this step by step:

  • On your remote, press the blue DStv button, then click the right select key.
  • Navigate to settings and then select “Parental Control”. 
  • Now, open the “PG Settings”.
  • Enter “1234” which is the default parental control passcode.
  • Under Global blocking, select “Personalize”
  • Now you have the keys to the castle, scroll to “Parental Control” (PG).
  • Here you have the liberty to pick between “P13” which blocks all programs rated 16, or, “FAM” which block all programs that are rated above 13.

You will agree with me that the default passcode for parental control on DStv is quite simple, and you might want to change it. There is also an option to change the passcode if you wish to, and the steps below will guide you:

  • Go to your DStv menu and then to settings.
  • Select “Parental Control” and then go to “PG Settings”.
  • You will be requested to input your default pin (1234 if you have not changed it before). Input the PIN to unlock 
  • Select “Change PIN”.
  • Enter any four-digit PIN of your choice (the one you can easily remember).
  • Confirm the PIN.

Ensuring children safety on and off the internet certainly is a priority for any parent and guardian, with the steps above you can enjoy your holiday with your child or wards without any fear of harmful content.

If you are wondering how you can also ensure the safety of your children when using their Android devices, check this article.

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