How I fixed the screen flickering on my Xiaomi Note 10 Pro

The screen of my Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro flickers a lot in low light settings. Screen flickering is bad for the eyes and can lead to eye trouble, so I set out to solve the problem. I found the solution, and it is easy enough for anyone to do. This solution should work for Redmi phones too. 

It turns out that Xiaomi phones have an Anti-flicker mode built in that helps to reduce flickering. I found the setting, activated it, and the flickering issue went away. The procedure is so easy that anyone can do it by themselves.

How I fixed the screen flickering on my Xiaomi Note 10 Pro

What I Did To Stop Screen Flickering On My Xiaomi Phone

These are the quick and easy steps I took to stop the display of my Xiaomi smartphone from flickering. Just do the same.

1. Open the Settings menu

2. Type “flicker” in the search bar

3. Select “Anti-flicker mode” In the search results

4. Change the setting from Regular to Anti-flicker.

That’s it. The flickering on my screen disappeared. The screen looks a little different though – it has a mild tint now, but I will take that over the likely damage that flickering would cause to my eyes. I don’t know whether this solves the screen flickering issue on high refresh rate models like the Redmi Note 10 Pro, but if you own one, do give it a try. You just never know.

I knocked together a short video to guide you.

Here is the direct YouTube link as well.

Your phone may not be a Xiaomi product, but there is a chance that your manufacturer includes a similar tool in it. Like I did in the video above, sun a search for flicker in your phone Settings menu and see if anything turns up. If something does, give it a try.

If this works for you and puts a stop to screen flickering on your Xiaomi or Redmi smartphone, do leave a comment. Cheers.

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