Common Samsung Phone Problems, and how to fix them

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As top tier as Samsung phones are, they have their own shortcomings. These shortcomings are not particularly peculiar to Samsung alone but smartphones in general, and these common Samsung phone problems can be resolved at home.


We all know just how important gadgets have become in our everyday activities. So many (if not all) line of businesses have taken to technology. It’s amazing the things one can do on a simple phone. Which means maintenance is key to staying productive if you do not have the means to keep changing or upgrading your gadgets.

Common Samsung Phone Problems - SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 20


4 Common Samsung Phone Problems

I’m going to be sharing with you some ways to fix some of these problems that often occur due to one thing or the other.


Battery Life 

This is a very common problem, not just among Samsung phones, but phones in general. If you are experiencing some sort of depleting in your battery life, you can do two things. To resolve this problem, go to the setting and start the display option, then change its settings. If you also have lots of apps on your phone (some of which you barely use), you should try to delete as many as you dont need.



To prevent your phone from overheating make sure to use the original charger and battery (if you use a Samsung device with which the battery is detachable). You can also go to your settings, click on “About phone” and then tap on “System update”. A system update that addresses your battery life issues will definitely solve the problem.

If it still is not fixed, you would have to take it to a proper gadget repair store or service centre and get it checked.


Device damaged from water

The first thing you want to do when your device gets into water is take it out as fast as possible. The longer you leave it in there, the deeper the problem. If you use a Samsung smartphone that still has a detachable  battery, take it out. Take out your sim and SD card and let it dry. Dont heat it with a dryer, e.t.c. It could worsen the case. Wait a few hours or up to a day and try starting it.

If it doesn’t work, then you have no choice but to get it repaired.


Broken screen

If and when you have a broken screen, an efficient way to fix it is to tape it with some tape. Trim the edges after you are done with scissors or a blade. Another way is to get a screen protector and put it on your cracked screen. It will stop the screen from cracking further and prevent other new cracks from happening.


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