Do you have an Infinix Note 6 that acts up from time to time? Have you been looking for ways to stop these occasional problems without spending a fortune on your device? Then these tips below can help you get your Infinix Note 6 back in shape.

The Infinix Note 6 launched in July of 2019, going on to become a rather popular mid-range offering from Transsion Holdings. This smartphone launched with some key features including X Pen support, and in this article, we will look at some of the more common problems with the Infinix Note 6 and how to fix them.

  • Device Running Slowly: It is not unusual for Android smartphones to become slower a number of months after purchase. However, it can become a cause for concern when your Infinix Note 6 becomes too slow and does not respond to commands in time, making your smartphone a lot more difficult to operate. If this is you, you can check out the number of apps on your device, and get rid of apps that you barely use. This will help free up more space and ensure that your smartphone has less data to take care of during operations.
Infinix Note 6, common problems with the Infinix Note 6
  • Battery Problems: One of the more common problems with the Infinix Note 6, battery issues may be the indicator of a bad battery or a pointer to a number of things you may be doing wrong. If you currently experience battery problems with your device, try lowering your screen brightness to see if this improves the situation, you can also stop background refresh of apps and make sure you plug in your device when it is between 8 and 80 percent.

If none of the above tips prove helpful to your battery problems, then you may need to see a technician and get a new battery for your device fast.

  • Annoying Vibration Due to X Pen: A number of users have complained about their devices vibrating when the stylus is inserted, eventually disrupting any activity they are working on with their devices. This issue, which is one of the more common problems with the Infinix Note 6 can be fixed by you. To fix this, remove the stylus from the device, then reinsert it into its slot but not totally. This should bring return normalcy to your smartphone, as it will no longer vibrate unnecessarily.
  • Wi-Fi Turning Off Unexpectedly: The internet has become more important to the average human, as smartphones now offer ready access to the internet (and all of its resources). However, there are situations where the Wi-Fi on the Infinix Note 6 switches off for no just cause, making the device rely on cellular data. If this ever happened to you in the middle of something really important, you can fix this issue by checking the Wi-Fi sleep policy on your Android. All you need do is, go to Advanced Wi-Fi Settings and set the Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep to Never. This should effectively take care of the problem.
  • Device Only Charges When Turned Off: If your Infinix Note 6 suffers from this problem, it is very likely the power source, the cords in use or the battery that is faulty. That said, you can try out these tips to fix this issue.
  1. Change the cables of your charger and see if there is any improvement.
  2. Try using a different power source to charge your smartphone. For example, if you use your PC to charge your device, you can try using a wall socket or a console to see if there is any improvement.
  3. Take your device to a specialist to run some checks on the battery.

While some of the more common problems with the Infinix Note 6 can be taken care of quickly, some other issues may need you to visit a specialist and check out the smartphone (especially hardware related issues). If your Infinix Note 6 has a problem outside of the ones mentioned above, you can check out this link for some more common issues and quick fixes.

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