Do you own an Infinix Hot 7 smartphone and encounter a number of glitches while using this device? Then this article is for you.


The Infinix Hot 7 launched in 2019, going on to become a rather popular entry-level device in certain parts of the world. This device offers 2GB of RAM and a 13MP rear camera, making it a rather solid entry-level option. However, certain users of this device have experienced a number of glitches with this device.

In this article, we will take a look at common Infinix Hot 7 problems and how to fix them without the assistance of a technician.


  • Device overheating: The Infinix Hot 7, like most modern-day smartphones, experiences its own fair share of overheating, especially when the smartphone has been under some sort of strain for a sustained period of time. If you’ve noticed this issue with your Infinix Hot 7, then try these tips to stop it from overheating.
  1. Avoid charging your smartphone overnight. At most, charge it for 3 hours maximum at a stretch.
  2. Avoid playing big games for long periods of time on this device, as this can put a significant strain on the battery and cause it to heat up.
  3. Turn off your GPS and Wi-Fi when not in use.

common problems with the Infinix Hot 7 infinix hot 7 specs

  • Poor Battery Life: It is perfectly normal to have a low battery from time to time, however, if you have noticed that the battery in your Infinix Hot 7 smartphone seems to drain rather too quickly, then this can be an indicator of a more serious problem. It could mean that your device’s battery is damaged (which means you’d need to get a replacement) or you’ve been putting too much strain on it. These tips below will help you better manage your battery if you experience this problem.
  1. Ensure you are not using a live wallpaper as this can put a strain on your battery, as these wallpapers keep running in the background.
  2. Remove unused apps running in the background.
  3. Try turning on Power Saver mode to conserve your device’s battery.


  • Smartphone performing slowly: The Infinix Hot 7 performs at a decent speed in its first few months, completing tasks and processes easily. Later on, the device tends to slow down, eventually leaving its user frustrated. If you have an Infinix Hot 7 that performs slowly, you can take these steps to make it work faster.
  1. Uninstall applications that are rarely used. These applications can consume a portion of the device’s storage, eventually making the Infinix Hot 7 operate slowly.
  2. You can clear cache memory by following these tips, go to Settings > Storage > Clear Cache Memory. Your device should operate quicker after clearing its cache memory.
  3. Check your device for updates, if there are new updates available, install them, then restart your device once it’s done.


  • Apps not downloading from Google Play Store: Sometimes, certain apps refuse to download, presenting a rather unique headache for Infinix Hot 7 users. If this has ever happened to you, any of these tips can help you get your smartphone working properly in no time.
  1. Restart your smartphone and retry the process.
  2. Sign out of the Play Store app with your Gmail Id, then sign in again and try downloading the app, if it does not work, try using someone else’s (a friend’s) Gmail Id to sign in and see if the app downloads. If it does, you may have gone against certain Google Play Store policies and you’ll need another Gmail Id going forward.
  3. Make sure you have sufficient space on your device, if you do not, you can try clearing the cache memory by following the tips listed above.


If you’re currently facing any issues rising from physical impact (say a cracked, unresponsive screen), then it’s best to see a technician.


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