By heavy users, I refer to individuals who consume more than 50 GB  of data monthly. I am one, and looking at the available data tariffs in the country, being able to find the best value is important to me. It is sad that even in 2020, we are still hunting for affordable AND dependable Internet service. Anyway, here are the best data plans in Nigeria at the moment for heavy users.

best data plans in Nigeria for heavy users

The best data plans in Nigeria for heavy users: Unlimited options

For starters, the best data plans are still largely found among the big four mobile operators – 9mobile, Airtel, Glo, MTN. If you can afford an unlimited data plan and have good service at your location, you might want to consider one of the available unlimited data plans from 4G service providers like Spectranet, Smile, and Ntel. They cost as follows:

  • Spectranet Unlimited Gold: ₦18,000 and gives you 8 Mbps guaranteed speeds till you consume 100 GB, after which your speed is throttled to a miserable crawl.
  • Smile UnlimitedPremium: ₦19,800 gives you 4 Mbps maximum speed till the 80 GB mark, after which you crawl too. To get the 4 Mbps speed back, you have to recharge with another Unlimited plan. Gobe.
  • Smile UnlimitedLite: ₦10,000. This gives you 4 Mbps maximum speed till you use up 20 GB, and then you crawl.
  • Ntel Unlimited Monthly: ₦17,500. Ntel does not specify at what point they may throttle you, but says it will happen “If your usage of our unlimited plans is greater than a predefined amount during any 24-hour period (measured from midnight each day)”. It would be nice if Ntel would specify.
  • Swift Unlimited: This is the only unlimited data plan that would be worth considering. For ₦19,500, Swift gives you unlimited data for 30 days. There is no mention of a speed cap or throttling. Do your research, though. You just never can tell.
unlimited data plan

As it is, there is no unlimited data plan in Nigeria that does not get throttled. All of them will make you crawl if you are a super heavy user. Otherwise, these would be the best data plans in Nigeria for heavy users. But they are not quite. They fall short of it narrowly. The speed caps on these unlimited plans, in particular, are ridiculous. Extremely so. Anyway, if for some reason, those unlimited plans are not viable for you, then you want to pay attention from here.

Airtel Daily Binge is one of the best data plans in Nigeria

Airtel’s Daily Binge plans let you buy huge volumes of data for really low prices. Here are the two of them:

  • 1 GB for N350.
  • 2 GB for N500.

The one with the greater value, obviously, is the second one. 2 GB data for ₦500 is great value when compared to the regular monthly data plans available. if you do 2 GB every day for 30 days, you would have ramped up a bill of only ₦15,000 for 60 GB. Which is better than what some unlimited data plans offer. But it is even better value for your money because there is no speed limit. You will regularly clock over 10 Mbps, and sometimes hit 50 Mbps, on Airtel 4G.

Plus, there is something about being able to buy data in small bits. It is great for your cashflow if you are pressed for money. Just N500 (or N350) daily, and you are good to go.

Don’t forget that the validity for these plans is 24 hours. If you do not exhaust your 1 GB or 2 GB data in 24 hours, you forfeit it. To subscribe to Airtel Daily Binge, dial *141# on your Airtel line.

Introducing Airtel Weekly Binge data plan

Airtel has since introduced a weekly version of their Daily Binge data plan. Airtel Weekly Binge offers users 6 GB data bundle for just ₦1,500 for a 7-day validity period. That gives you 24 GB of data for ₦6,000 monthly, if you renew weekly. To get 30 GB a month, you spend ₦7,500. A monthly budget of ₦15,000 will give you 60 GB to burn.

It provides as much value as the Airtel Daily Binge plan in terms of volume, and also adds the convenience of weekly renewals instead of daily. It certainly qualifies as one of the best data plans in Nigeria. Smart thinking by Airtel.

It is much more convenient if you are not an occasional user. You can set it to auto-renew weekly (just make sure that you have enough airtime on your line to cover the renewal). To subscribe to Airtel Weekly Binge, dial *141# on your Airtel line.

Glo Daily Splash is one of the best data plans in Nigeria

Glo has a similar daily plan to Airtel Daily Binge. It offers you 1 GB for N300 and the data is valid for 24 hours only as well. If you subscribe once daily for 30 days, your bill will come to ₦9,000 for 30 GB on Glo daily Splash. And there is no speed cap. If you do 2 GB daily, you spend ₦18,000 for 60 GB of data. To subscribe for Glo Daily Splash, dial *777# on your Glo line.

EE broadband

MTN’s 2.5 GB for N500 Bundle

The 2.5GB data bundle from MTN is another voluminous plan that will interest those looking for huge data on a small budget. In view of the volume of data that these plans offer, and the lack of speed caps to slow you down, these two daily offers from Airtel and Glo are the best data plans in Nigeria if you are a heavy user. Even if you consume more than 60 GB monthly, you will still find them to be the best value for money. Those unlimited data plans (perhaps with the exception of Swift 4G), just got real competition.

What may be a little annoyance is the fact that you have to subscribe daily. I haven’t tried them out to see if they offer auto-renewal. But if I were Airtel and Glo, I’d implement auto-renewal on those plans and smile to the bank.

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