Which network operator is the real grandmaster of data in Nigeria?

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Which of the mobile network operators is the real grandmaster of data – the best data network in Nigeria? As most of us know, the battle between different network operators in the country is getting crazier, with different brands bringing exciting and satisfying data plans.

There are 4 top network operators in the country right now, namely: Airtel, MTN, Glo, and 9mobile. There are others, like Smile and ntel, to name a few, but their footprints are quite small compared to the Big 4. But there can only be one that sits on that throne of being crowned the best data network in Nigeria. A lot of people will say MTN; some will say Airtel; some Glo; and a few will actually go for 9mobile. Keep in mind that a lot of factors have to be put into consideration.

THE RACE FOR THE NO. 1 SPOT: Which is the best data network in Nigeria?

Is MTN the best data network in Nigeria?


A large customer base: MTN is by far the leading brand in the country that has been around for quite sometime, with a well established name and lots of customers. A large percentage of Nigerians use MTN than other networks. That’s defintely a plus.

Price: When it comes to the aspect of data and its worth, they do a fairly good job. With lots of cheap plans and offers that catch the eyes of different target markets, from people at the low level income class, all the way to the top.

Speed and stability: They do struggle with network speed. But it is the same for all networks, different places have different network speeds. I, personally, have not had the best experience with network speed and stability. But when you get to an area where it is stabel, the quality is not one to doubt.

MTN was also the first to demo 5G in the nation, a feat no other network has done. I assume it will be released in time, as 4G feels sluggishly slow in conparison to 5G.



A general favourite of mine, there is hardly anything to point out that Airtel is doing wrong or has done wrong. Although, like i said before, different areas of residence or work determine your experience with different networks. Airtel is the best networking brand that i have used.

Airtel unlimited data plans

Customers: Airtel has lots and lots of consumers, probably thanks to the good lot of their spontaneous and exquisite adverts, as well as the high level of quality the network offers. Of course, the traffic they generate is not as high as that of MTN, they do a good job themselves.

Network quality: As earlier stated, Airtel has always been my go-to in this aspect. Fast and stable network that lets me get things done in a giffy, smooth running of my games, fast loading time, e.t.c. I think Airtel has foot in front of the rest on this basis.

Relatively cheap data: Airtel always have nice data packages for different level income earners. Prcies that customers can relate and don’t need much planning to acquire.



The self acclaimed “grandmasters of data”. Glo is, no doubt, one of the best brands, from really cheap data plans to relatively good data quality. But I have not had a good time using their services.

glo mega data plans

Quality: I constantly get frustrated at the quality of the network, both speed and stability. I said it earlier, and I’ll  say it again. This obviously does not apply everyone in particular, different areas, different speeds and quality.

Customers: Glo has a huge fanbase (customers), born from their many strategies to win customers over with features, pricing of plans, and quality. I’ll give them that.

Price per value(quantity): I think Glo has, handsdown, the best price per quantity ratio. With cheap plans that give you so much to use. Some of their plans really leave me in awe, especially when i look at the amount of data i would be getting and then at the price. Sometimes it feels like i am not even paying  because the amount of the amount of data conlared to the little price.


To put all this short, I doubt there is any clear “grandmaster” or best data network in Nigeria at this poit. It all depends on which one you trust as a customer and which has better quality in your area of residence or work.

You might disagree, and that is fine. So what do you think? Who is the true grandmaster of data, in your opinion? Comment down below.


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2 thoughts on “Which network operator is the real grandmaster of data in Nigeria?”

  1. Airtel is my number one, followed by MTN. Glo is a network I’d rather not use. When 3G was introduced, airtel had the widest coverage, even in remote villages. They replicated same when 4G was introduced. And they’ve always recorded the highest speeds I’ve ever seen in Nigeria, sometimes up to 48/50mbps.
    Of course location matters, because there are places where they don’t deliver that much. But on the average, they top.

  2. As far as I am concerned, Glo is by far the best, by quantity, sharing method, speed and reliability (in my area).
    There was a day glo went dead in my area and I had a zoom meeting. I loaded my MTN line and subscribed, the connection kept disconnecting. I loaded my Airtel and subscribed, it was worse. I was about trying smile when glo came back to life and worked flawlessly throughout the meeting duration. I have had similar situations more than once.
    You have always painted glo as having unreliable data service in your write-ups while painting airtel as very reliable. In my opinion, it depends on your location. I have tried virtually all the major data service providers in Lagos (Airtel, Smile, Ntel, MTN, Glo, Spectranet), I always fall back on glo.


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