I recently realised that not a lot of people are actually aware of the fact that data sharing is a thing. If I am being honest, I only just found out about it early last year. It is a fantastic option and feature of any mobile network brand.

Data sharing allows you to share a data bundle or plan, that you bought, with anybody in particular, be it a friend, family member, whoever it might be. But Airtel has taken it a step further with Airtel SmartShare.

Airtel SmartShare - share and gift data to family and friends


Data Me2U (Data Share)With “smartSHARE”, not only are you allowed to share your data bundle with a person  of your choice, you can also transfer a certain amount of data out of your Airtel data plan. It is known as the “Data me2u”. Instead of sharing  the full amount, you take out an amount and send to the person in question.

For example, if you buy a data bundle worth 1.5GB, you can send 100MB, e.t.c. to a person, rather than share the whole bundle itself with the person by using it together. Thats pretty cool if you ask me.

Data Gifting: this involves actually buying the data bundle or plan for the person, instead of having to share yours or transfer an amount. It really is easier and a better option, if you want to help someone with some data. Sharing data can prove inconvenient (especially  if you have someone like me who uses data like i’m gulping down water).



There is nothing much to it, when it comes to how to share and gift the data. All you need is to dial the general Airtel USSD code for buying data among other things.

To share/transfer data, simply dial *141# and select the option for Gifting or Me2U.

Unfortunately, it does not appear that there is any way to share data from inside the Airtel mobile app yet, so all you have is the USSD code menu.

Now you can spread the love and help, and it might not even be that. It could be an agreement with a friend to just share data. It really is a nice feature. I definitely recommend it.


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3 thought on “Airtel’s Data Smart Share is a good way to spread the love”
  1. Airtel’s implementation does not allow you to transfer more than 100MB per person per day. Same applies to MTN.

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