Like many others, you will like to be able to access and manage all your social media from one place, instead of dancing around multiple apps. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is a both a safe haven and a stress relief for you and I totally get why (It’s the same for me too). They are the biggest social media platforms today.

One tiny problem is that, each of these applications are sized at above 50mb at least on the Google Play Store and the App Store. Therefore, it can be a bit of a hassle to enjoy these social media platforms and save space on your device at the same time.

How To Access All Your Social Media From One App With This Super App
Social Cash Allows You To Access All Your Social Media From One Place

But what if I told you there is a way to use all these social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram –  and simultaneously download all your favourite videos from these platforms as well, ALL FROM ONE SINGLE APPLICATION?

Crazy, right? Being able to use all your social media from one app is a flex. I know, but, stay with me. And as a bonus for being such a lovable reader, I’ll show you how to make some cash – if you wish – from this app also. I mean……who doesn’t love some extra cash?

The name of this application is called SOCIAL CASH. If you are tired of asking random strangers to send you videos on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, then, this app is for you. Here’s a brief description of the application:

Ever imagined the possibility of ALL-IN-ONE application with buy and sell function and easy access to top 3 social networks? This is exactly what Social Cash does. 

Transact and Socialize only on Social + Cash = SocialCash!!!

Social Cash is a Social-FinTech company under TecheraX Global LTD, banking services by Providus Bank. It is a fast rising mobile application that allows users to seamlessly make transactions and socialize in just ONE app. Read that again!

The app was borne out of the urge to develop a distinct app that allows easy buy and sell, send and receive cash from close acquaintances including friends and families while on their favourite social media network such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Another intriguing service they offer, is instant video download on the app. Yes! Users can download videos on Facebook,  Twitter and Instagram instantly on SC.

You can also buy and sell airtime and data from the big four telecom operators (MTNGlobacomAirtel, and 9mobile), receive and send cash to friends and family instantly at zero cost, buy and sell US dollar, escrow services, crypto and a lot more. All these and more you can do while on your favourite social media network such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Social cash offer essential solutions to your everyday financial needs. They are committed to providing their customers with unique and well defined services fit to compete with global social and financial institutions. (That’s what they say anyway).

There is unfortunately one slight bummer you should know about. As of the moment of writing this article, the app is only available for download on the Google Play Store. It sucks, I know. But the good news is that by January next year, the iPhone version will be released on the App Store.

How to manage all your social media from one place with Social Cash

1. Download the app via the Google Play Store (download link is available at the end of the article).

2. After installing, sign up by inputting your email, mobile phone number and your password (An OTP would be sent to your email so make sure you insert a working email).

3. Fill in the necessary information like; your first and last name, username, bank details (for payments), referrer (This is optional, but you can use “TimXtreme” if you like) etc.

4. After signing up, you can select and use top social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, directly from the app by clicking on their respective logos in the bottom section on the application.

5. After selecting a social media platform – for example, Facebook – you will be asked to input your login details and you can now log in and browse like you normally would.

NB: To download videos from the platform, you simply click on the preferred video and download it directly.

Now that you know how to use this app to manage all your social media from one place, if you’ve been paying attention, I mentioned earlier that I would show you a way to make some cash from this app if you stick with me. Congratulations! You’ve successfully made it.

Other Benefits Of Using Social Cash

Besides the advantage or benefit of being able to use all your social media from one app, Social Cash offers a fairly long list of other benefits that you will find useful.

First of all, you should know that Social Cash released over $1000 to all existing Social Cash App users. Meaning, every existing Social Cash user has been credited $1 each!  (I got mine too). But as you haven’t signed up yet, here’s how you get yours.

Henceforth, upon registration, every SC user will get $1 registration bonus. At the current exchange rate, this is equivalent to N780 right now. Simply put, they are now rewarding every new user with $1 registration bonus. You can sell your $1 on the “Cash Box” at the current black market rate, however, minimum sell limit is $10, so you need additional $9. 

With that said, here are some of the benefits of the app you might be interested in:

1. Access to top social media platforms: As you know by now, Social Cash allows you to use top Social Media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – manage all your social media from one app. Well, not all, but these are the three major ones.

Social cash does not collect data of your login. They do not have the right to collect, store, use, share, sell or have access to any of your personal information or login details and cannot see it either. Your details are safe with you and the respective social apps (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).

2. Effortless Video downloads: Social Cash allows you to easily download any video you come across while using Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

3. Buy/Sell Airtime: You can recharge and subscribe your phone, while on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

4. Transfer Cash without paying a fee: Using a feature called SEND CASH, you can easily send cash to anyone anywhere in the world. Remember, there is no transaction fee. There is no charge for SEND CASH services. It’s free forever.

Step 1: Fund your naira wallet or domiciliary wallet with dollar. You can buy from $10 to $1K at a time on Cash Box. Fund your wallet through your unique SC bank account. 

Step 2: You already have naira or dollar in your wallets right now. Input the receiver’s username and their full legal names and country will display for clarity.

Step 3: Select prepared currency. Naira or dollar.

Step 4: Choose type of transfer. Select “Friends & Family” if you know who the person is or “Business Category” if you don’t. You can send minimum of N500 to N5M daily. Minimum of $2 to $5K daily. 

Step 5: Proceed. Input your secret 4 transaction pin. Congratulations! The receiver will get the cash instantly. I sent a friend in the east 30,000 through SEND CASH (friends & family) on Social Cash and he got it instantly. No transfer fee. 

5. Zero avenue for scams: If you have been scammed online after making payments for goods and services, SEND CASH by Social Cash is for you. Let me briefly explain how it works. 

You bought goods worth 1M from Mr A and decided to pay through Send Cash (business category). Mr A will receive the 1M instantly but cannot make use of it for the next 24hrs. Within the 24hrs, you the sender can Charge Back your 1M and get refunded. If you fail to charge back within 24hrs, Mr A can withdraw the money. 

Why would you charge back? Maybe you realized that Mr A lied to you or something else. What will happen when you charge back? SC police will invite and engage the two parties in a group meeting and sort it out. 

You can’t pay someone, charge back and get your money back just like that. They must get involved and if they found out that you lied, your account will be temporarily suspended or permanently depending on the money involved.

6. Save money in Naira or Dollars without stress: On Social Cash, there is what is called “Cash Box”.

On Cash Box, you can save as little as 50, 100, 200, 500 naira/dollars and above, for a period of time against rainy day.

7. Make a side income: You can make money with Social Cash through the following;

  • ARBITRAGE: You can actually make at least 100K weekly with $1K to $2K purchase on SC “Cash Box”.
  • REFERRALS: You can also earn by referrals so when the person you referred buy or sell, you will earn 10% from their profits. Your username is your referral code. 
  • 100K MONTHLY ALLOCATION: Every month your Social Cash’s Cash Box get a free amount of N100,000. 

Here’s what the 100K monthly allocation is about and how it works. They are not allocating free cash to flex with, but to buy and sell on the platform and keep the profits. The 100K is more like a liquidity (capital) provided so that you can buy and sell to your customers, get paid and remit to SC.

You must be eligible for it. The moment you fund your wallet with any amount (even as low as N100), you will be allocated the 100K but you cannot buy and sell with the allocation alone, your wallet must be funded with naira. 

You need to use the platform for the period of at least 6 months with over 1M naira turnover before they can allow you to buy and sell with the 100K allocation even when your main wallet is empty. It was originally designed to function even if a user’s main wallet is empty. It is a program designed specifically for students and unemployed people but temporarily available to everyone now. 

Don’t be criminal minded and try to immediately purchase airtime worth 50k. IT WON’T WORK.

Article written by: Kolawole Emmanuel Timilehin

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