This is not the first time that the Access Bank mobile app will frustrate me this way. Last year (or was it 2016 now, I remember not exactly any more), over a period of two months, I visited Access Bank’s branch four times to resolve the very same problem I am now dealing with again.

Access bank mobile app

What Is The Problem With Access Bank Mobile App?

I installed the app on a new phone. That is my offence. To use mobile banking on a new phone, Access requires you to “unlock” your device. Part of the process is that an SMS OTP will be sent to you for verification. Well, that’s where things go south. I get to that point and wait and wait for an OTP that never arrives.

This is not the first time I am switching phones. I did not have this issue the last time I switched phones, or the switch before that one. So, why it is happening now beats me.

A Trip To The Bank

Today, I finally dragged myself to the nearest branch of the bank to try to sort this out. You see, my broke ass self had some small change in the account that I needed to use for an online transaction. So, while I could ignore the app issue and just withdraw the cash, what I really need is for the app to work, so I can use the cash online.

I spent over an hour at the bank. The summary is that till now, the problem is unresolved. Just like it was the last time, nobody really knows why this is happening.

PS: Right in the middle of my typing this article, Access Bank’s Twitter handle responded to a mini-rant I did. They better not be asking me to pay another visit to their branch. I am so done with that. Same thing I told StanbicIBTC Bank, but that’s a story for another day.

Let me go see what the Access Bank Twitter handle has to say. If this gets resolved, I shall update this page. If not, I shall withdraw the cash and buy myself a shawarma and a gourd of palm wine. Nobody will die, plus it is a great way to celebrate the new year. How is your 2018 coming along?

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