Nothing is more frustrating than your phone charging slowly when you need it to charge quickly. This is going to make it hard for your phone to get good enough if you can’t charge for a long period. Getting to know the ways to make your phone charge faster is quite crucial especially if you live in Nigeria.

Power supply is not great in Nigeria, and it is even very bad in some areas where it is not frequent and also doesn’t last long. Being in such a place and having a phone that charges slowly is quite painful. There are different reasons why your phone battery will charge slowly and I’ll show you ways to make your phone charge faster.

Ways to Make Your Phone Charge Faster

Knowing how to make your phone charge faster is going to help in Nigeria as you can always take advantage of the power supply no matter how bad it is. Below are some ways that you can use to make your phone charge faster than it used to.

1. Do not use your phone while charging

If you’re a heavy user or frequent user, you still need to give your phone a break when you start charging. Using your phone while charging leads to overheating which is bad for the battery’s health and it also makes the battery charge slowly.
If you want to make your phone charge faster, then do not use it while you’re charging. Connect your phone to the charger and let it rest for a while without any usage and it will charge faster.

Charging a phone battery is like pouring water in a tank, and using the phone while charging is like opening a tap from the tank. This will make the tank take longer to fill up same as your phone. In situations, where you use your phone heavily, it might not even gain any charge as the charge is already used up.

2. Turn off power-consuming apps and services

Having too many power-consuming services and apps running while charging will lead to it charging slowly as the battery is being drained while trying to fill up. If the rate of drainage is high, your phone battery might not even go up or it can go down.

So turn off any power-consuming apps or services you have running when you want to charge. Having your screen on consumes power as well as mobile hotspot, downloading files, etc. Turning on airplane mode will also help as mobile networks consume power.

3. Turn off smart charging

Whilst features like this help to make your battery last longer, it can also be the reason that your phone is charging slowly. If you want to top up fast, turn off smart charging, and turn it back on later on as it helps with battery health.

4. Check your charging port, cable, and adapter.


The problem of your phone charging slowly might not even be from your phone itself as a bad cable, charging port, or adapter can cause it.

To diagnose, first try a new charger that works well with other phones on your phone and see if it charges faster. If you try multiple chargers and the results are all the same, then there is a chance that your charging port is bad. In this situation, you will have a visit a reputable repair shop to help you change it. Before changing it, try cleaning your charging port and see if there is any difference.

5. Get an official charger

Most Samsung and Apple devices are known to reject unofficial chargers that do not meet the standards. On occasions when the counterfeit charger works, it might cause the phone to charge slowly. So get the right and genuine charger if you want to make your phone charge faster.

6. Get a better power supply

Now, your charger and charging port may be good and your phone still charges slowly. If you’re using a good charger that supplies low charge then it might be the reason. For example, using a genuine charger with 5W output will charge your phone slowly regardless.
Also, charging from TVs, laptops, and other devices might be the cause as their output is usually not higher than 10W.

A good way to combat this is to buy a fast charger usually above 18W, having a 10W or 15W charger is also not bad. Before buying a fast charger, make sure to confirm if your phone supports fast charging. If your phone does not support fast charging, having a fast charging will do nothing.

Note: Find out if your phone supports fast charging before trying any of the methods above. If your phone doesn’t support fast charging, then unfortunately, you’re stuck with slow charging.

Now, we have come to the end of this article showing you 6 ways to make your phone charge faster. Check out our article on how to prevent your phone battery from degrading over time.

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