I got the Nokia N8 on the whim of the moment. I had seen YouTube video reviews and also read reviews of the phone. I was particularly interested in its multimedia features, especially video and camera performance. The social networking integration it has was also something that I was looking forward to, alongside email, USB on the go and so on, you know.

I got it and set it up. My e-mail: I downloaded my contacts from Ovi by Nokia (my previous device was a Nokia E71). My high moment of the Nokia N8 was when we were at the Underground event which held at The Rehab at Ajose Adeogun on Victoria Island. I took pictures, danced with the phone and recorded some video as well. I was also able to share the pictures via Facebook and Twitter in realtime. For me, what I need a phone to do is to help me integrate effectively with the big three in social media: Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.

I was able to enjoy using Twitter and Facebook more by installing and using a third party application called Snaptu (m.snaptu.com on mobile or snaptu.com on web)

The touch screen key pad

It was my first experience with touch screen. I would often make mistakes while entering text on the N8. It was excruciatingly painful, but I had to set myself on a new learning curve.

What else did I enjoy about the Nokia N8? Hmmmmhhhh! Yesssss! Yessss!!! The native browser, the one that came with the phone, is rich and can allow you to open multiple pages. There’s this thing I could do with the phone again; put my thumb and index finger on the screen annnddd enlarge (It’s called pinch to zoom – Editor). That was awesome.

The Battery could not handle my demands for calls, data and multimedia combined. One week later, I had to let it go annnddddd welcome….. Blackbery 9700 Bold 2.

BlackBerry Bold 2

Today marks my 5th day with the Blackberry phone. I am having my needs met with the Blackberry. For me, I think that the point to note when you need to get a mobile phone is to consider the specific functionality that suits your work and personal needs.

When my friends saw it on my Facebook page, that I now use a Blackberry Bold, they were aghast and wanted to know what was wrong with me.

The blackberry device is doing the following well for me:

  • Email Push
  • Social media integration: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Blackberry Messenger and lots more. There is always one application or the other that is available for Blackberry by third party application developers. This is plus the excellent applications developed by RIM themselves
  • Multitasking: I do not have to close a mail that I am reading in order to go to Twitter or Facebook (which I use a lot to engage with audiences), although you cannot view multiple websites at a time. The graphical display of the web pages is very poor. *eww*

The funny thing is, I do not intend to make voice call with the Blackberry. For voice calls, I use a Nokia C3.

There it is – a summary of my experiences with the two devices. If you were asked to choose between the Nokia N8 and the Blackberry 9700 Bold 2, which one would you choose?

If you own a Blackberry, what are the unique features that make you love it? We will love to hear from you. Please use the comment box below.

PS: for Nimbuzz and Snaptu lovers, I just heard that those two applications work on Blackberry too. I will be trying them out and sharing my adventure with you. Am sure I will be having this blackberry for a long time. But sha! The browser is not cooooool. I am out!

Author: Jesse Oguntimehin

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