Which was your first mobile phone ever?

In today’s age of super-smart phones, it is easy to forget how far we have come since mobile technology took off in these parts. I thought it would be some fun for us to go down memory lane and talk about our first mobile phones.

Mine was the Motorola T2288 Talkabout. It had a Monochrome display of 96 x 64 pixels, showing 4 lines of text. The built-in phone book stored up to 100 entries and call records were limited to Call records 10 dialled, 5 received, 5 missed calls only.

my first mobile phone - Motorola T2288 Talkabout

Oh, its WAP 1.1 browser was cutting edge for 2001 too. So was the conspicuous antenna that jutted up from one side of the top of the phone. Of course, there was no GPRS, so I could only browse via dial-up after some relatively tedious setup. I remember using Mtech’s WAP settings then for my mobile browsing.

Need I mention too that the T2288 preceded the days of colour screens and removable memories? No pictures on the phone. no music player. No video player. No calendar. No FM Radio. No GPS. No everything elseIt was a true mobile phone, nevermind the modern pretenders to the name.Advertisement

I can imagine that if I was given a copy of the T2288 today to use as my primary mobile device for 24 hours, I would probably die of frustration before the trial period was over. I mean, you could announce my obituary upfront and wouldn’t have to eat your words.

Still, the Motorola T2288 was my very first mobile phone and served faithfully for years. It was a faithful, rugged friend. I gave it out as a gift eventually and the new owner used it till its last ring. What was your first mobile phone and what fond memories do you have of it?

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