Supercharge technology is only just getting warmed up in a world where people are using more juice than ever before. Just when many people thought that fully charging the 4000mAh battery of a smartphone in 30 minutes is quick enough, it got faster, again! It now only takes 10 minutes to fully charge your smartphone.

Infinix concept phone features 160W charging speeds

Larger screens, more resolution, stronger processors, and faster network speeds all bring users more performance, however, they drain far more battery life. Faced with the fast-paced & super productive lifestyle of today’s youth, smartphone companies across the industry have pursued faster-charging speeds.

With charging speed at the forefront of development, Infinix designed the 160w super-fast charging concept phone with the future user in mind. It only takes about 10 minutes to fully charge your phone battery, which improves the charging efficiency pushing industry standards forward allowing people to focus more on using their device rather than how much power it has left.

Infinix concept phone features 160W charging speeds

A seriously fast 160W charging experience

The most important part of the design of high-speed charging is the battery charging current ratio and the overall charging architecture. Infinix cooperates with one of the world’s leading battery manufacturers to develop a new 8C battery cell, which is a very fast charging rate for a rechargeable lithium battery. The 8C cell has lower internal resistance compared with the conventional single electrode lug structure, the 8C cell has a multi-electrode lug which is the most advanced. It reduces more than 18% of internal resistance in comparison with a 6C battery and produces less heat. The new 8C battery cell breaks through the bottleneck of internal resistance, allowing the surging current flow unimpeded achieving incredible charging power.

In terms of the charge pump, there is a kind of DC-DC converter, which uses a capacitor as an energy storage element for voltage conversion. Infinix engineers have introduced a 160W fast charging scheme into several high conversion charging chips. These chips adopt the more advanced technological architecture, which supports high power conversion. Additionally, it achieves 98.6% charging conversion efficiency which is one of the world’s leading charge pump conversion rates. This effectively avoids the overload and overheating of the charge pump caused by the large current.

The Infinix concept phone is also equipped with 50W wireless super-fast charging, accelerating the wireless charging into the “Super Charge” era. The 50W wireless super-fast charge takes 30 minutes to fully charge the concept phone. Wireless charging is the future and this small step takes the industry as a whole closer to integrating fast wireless charging technology into our daily lives.

Fully protected

Smartphone temperatures rise quite rapidly when fast charging. The Infinix concept phone charging system has 20 temperature sensors, which are distributed within the USB interface, charging chips battery, and other sections within the internals. The device is monitored in real-time through an intelligent temperature control algorithm that keeps a close eye on the thermals. This system uses ultra-precise temperature control to ensure that the temperature of the whole charging process is lower than 40℃ to reduce heat and prolong longevity.

The Infinix concept phone’s 160W fast charging technology is also equipped with a full range of security protection mechanisms, covering 60 security protection mechanisms from the power adapter security protection, interface, cable protection, and mobile terminal protection. These three ports provide more charging security than ever before. If an abnormal temperature, voltage, current, electromagnetic interference is detected, the protection mechanism will be triggered to ensure the safety of the system.

Infinix concept phone features 160W charging speeds

Compatibility resolved

The general population is tired of carrying several different chargers for their different electronic gadgets. To fix this issue, the Infinix concept phone supports the general power adapter which supplies a super-fast charging experience using only a general adapter. This means that you can charge this device and many of your other devices all with the same cable. Thanks to Infinix’s next-level innovations, this device can be fully charged within around 18 minutes using the 65W charger, this is a whopping up to 100% faster than the standard rate of 30-40 minutes.

Additionally, the concept phone uses an adapter that adopts multiple protocols, which means it can fast charge both smartphones & laptops. It adopts a type-C interface, which is more compatible and convenient to use. The charger is also super compact and easy to use on the go. The days of using several different chargers are long gone in Infinix’s product lineup.

When the smartphone industry stagnated at 125W fast charging speeds, it was actually Infinix that developed 160W fast charging at the front end of the pack going shoulder to shoulder with much larger competitors. While this device is indeed just a concept phone, its purpose is a peek behind the curtain for what’s to come. Infinix is working tirelessly to bring next-generation technology to today’s youth at a truly attainable price point. 160W charging is just one of those outstanding features being developed for our loyal fanbase worldwide. You can catch a review from Unbox Therapy below.  

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