A UMIDIGI A5 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy A20 comparison might seem like an unlikely face-off, but it was bound to happen. And that is because smartphone buyers make that kind of comparison on a daily basis. What is interesting is how evenly matched the two phones really are if you look closer.

In the ring are two mid-rangers with quite a number of similar specs and some differences as well. No two smartphones are exactly the same (though I fear that I might eat those words one day; one brand might decide to make an exact clone of a competitor’s product).

UMIDIGI A5 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy A20: Quick Specs Comparison

UMIDIGI A5 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy A20
UMIDIGI A5 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy A20 comparison

Anyway, it is time to draw up a comparison table of the key specs and features of the two devices.

UMIDIGI A5 ProSamsung Galaxy A20
6.3 inches, 2280 x 1080 pixels, 19:9 ratio In-Cell LTPS display.6.4 inches, 720 x 1560 pixels, 19:9 ratio Super AMOLED display
Octa-core Helio P23, 1.8 GHzOcta-core EXYNOS 7884, 1.6 GHz
16MP selfie camera8MP selfie camera
16 + 5 + 8 MP camera with LED flash13 + 5 MP rear camera with LED flash
32 GB internal storage + dedicated microSD, up to 256GB32 GB internal storage + dedicated microSD slot, up to 512 GB
4150 mAh battery + 10W fast charging4000 mAh battery + 15W quick charging
$128 (₦45,500)$155 (₦55,000)

Each of the two phones has a waterdrop notch display, rear-mounted fingerprint reader, as well as face unlock. The Galaxy A20 has Samsung’s custom Android skin, One UI, while the A5 Pro runs stock Android OS.

The Galaxy A20’s 720p Super AMOLED display provides proper blacks and better contrasts, but that is about all the edge it has. The A5 Pro’s 1080p display has a higher pixel resolution and so higher PPI density. This results in higher picture resolution. So, the display fight has no clear winner. You have to decide what you want.

In terms of processing power and performance, the Helio P23 in the UMIDIGI A5 Pro and Exynos 7884 in the Samsung Galaxy A20 are almost even, with slightly better performance from the Samsung. Any differences in real life performance are minimal and will mostly go unnoticed, especially as the A5 Pro has 1GB RAM more than the Samsung does..

While on paper, the UMIDIGi has the better specc’d cameras, I am inclined to give this to the Samsung, giving the Korean manufacturer’s pedigree with camera phones. But as always, a proper shoot-out will settle all disputes.

And now, in the next stage of our UMIDIGI A5 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy A20 comparison review, we look at those areas in which each phone has a clear edge over the other.

Where Samsung Galaxy A20 has the edge

Samsung Galaxy A20 2019 top

Battery charging on the Samsung Galaxy A20 is faster than on the UMIDIGI – well, the first 30 minutes session is significantly faster.

If you need the biggest possible memory card support, the Galaxy A20 allows cards of up to 512GB, while the A5 Pro allows only half that capacity. So, Samsung wins both of these categories clearly.

Where UMIDIGI A5 Pro has the edge

Umidigi A5 Pro rear triple camera
Umidigi A5 Pro rear triple camera

Does 150mAh extra battery capacity make any difference in real life? It depends on how you use your phone. If you are in a situation in which you can’t reach a charger, it will make a difference. The UMIDIGI A5 Pro has the bigger battery, though the fast charging technology is slightly slower than the Samsung’s.

Also, it has more RAM and app switching should be smoother than on the Galaxy A20. Lastly, the A5 Pro wins the price war hands down. A $27 or ₦10,000 difference in price is significant.

UMIDIGI A5 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy A20: Who Wins?

As you can see, there isn’t much in terms of features by which either one is better than the other. Yet there is a significant price difference.

In my opinion, the UMIDIGI is the better value for money, when you put the ₦10,000 price difference between the two Android phones in perspective. Whatever extra features and performance the Samsung has, are difficult to justify with that price difference.

If you are after utility value for money, the A5 Pro is your choice. Yet, those who want brand value above all else will not mind spending the extra cash to get the Galaxy A20. And so we come to the end of our UMIDIGI A5 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy A20 comparison review. If you had ₦55,000 and had to pick between the two, which would be your choice?

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