DStv Now vs. Kwese vs. StarTimes ON: TV Apps Super Review

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It is World Cup season, and while I am not a football fan, personally, it does not hurt to explore what MobilityArena readers are interested in. Have you been able to catch up with any matches via your mobile phone when you are on the move? If that is something you are interested in, here is a comparative TV apps review of three TV streaming apps, DStv Now, Kwese iFlix/TV, and StarTimes ON.

Which provides the most value for watching the World Cup and for TV streaming in general? I went visiting the various websites, as well as downloading the apps in question to see. Below are my findings.

Scope of Apps Featured In This TV Apps Review

StarTimes ON: This app is available to active Startimes subscribers, with available channels depending on what subscription package you are on. In all, there are over 169 TV channels available via the app.

Startimes ON offers trial packages that let you stream select shows, including African Movie Series, and St Novella, without having a Startimes subscription. I was able to stream a movie and a football match. The app works well on 18:9 aspect ratio screens.

StarTimes ON is offering access to all 64 World Cup 2018 matches for only N1,000.

Kwese has two mobile apps, which makes things a little confusing. The apps are Kwese TV and Kwese iFlix.

Kwese TV is available to both DTH and non-DTH subscribers. It offers a few free channels, including NTA, KTN News, Kwese Free Sports streaming, and ESports Tv.

But Kwese TV app requires you to sign in before being able to watch anything. The option to register is there, but you will need an active Kwese account number to do that, so you cannot signup and get going 100% online if you aren’t already a subscriber.

But Kwese TV app requires you to sign in before being able to watch anything. The option to register is there, but you will need an active Kwese account number to do that, so you cannot signup and get going 100% online if you aren’t already a subscriber.

Kwese iFlix, on the other hand, lets you register online and offers free streaming of some content. I was able to signup with a Google account and access content immediately. VIP content is available for NGN150 per day, and gives access to the World Cup and a catalogue of TV shows and movies.

DStv Now is available to all active DStv subscribers as a value added service and so requires you to be signed in to your DStv account to use it. It offers a lot more channels than either Startimes ON or Kwese TV does.

You can set a maximum video quality, so you can manage your data to fit your budget and devices. You can set your videos to max out at 360p or go all the way up to 1080p (HD).

TV Apps Review: Subscription Pricing

DStv Now: Here are the monthly subscription tariffs available on DStv:

– DStv Premium NGN 14,700,

– DStv Compact Plus NGN 9,900,

– DStv Compact NGN 6,300,

– DStv Family NGN 3,800,

– DStv Access NGN 1900

Kwese TV:

– NGN 6 275

– NGN 1 850

– NGN 1 690

Kwese iFlix: NGN150 daily VIP access.

Startimes ON:

Subscribers with antennae:

– NGN 3800,

– NGN 2600,

– NGN 1300,

– NGN 900

Subscribers with dish:

– NGN 3800,

– NGN 1900,

– NGN 900

TV Apps Super Review: DStv Now vs. Kwese vs. StarTimes ON

Data Management

Data management is important to billions of internet users worldwide. In emerging markets especially, it is a big deal. So, which apps give you the best options for data consumption?

DStv Now offers an offline viewing feature, allowing users to download shows over Wifi and watch on the go without having to make use of their data. This means that you can choose to stream or download your favourite shows so you can watch them at your convenience without burning more data. This is key in emerging markets.

Kwese iFlix also supports this feature. You can download shows and watch offline.

Multi-Device Accessibility

In terms of accessibility, DStv Now takes the cake with access via up to five devices. And you can also stream on two devices at the same time, so this is great for couples and families where interests do not always align.

Kwese TV is a close 2nd with access to four devices, and streaming possible on two devices simultaneously. Again, this is great for couples and families.

Startimes ON gives access to only two devices with an active subscription.


DStv Now is available on iOS, Android, Web, Android TV, Chromecast and AirPlay Support.

Startimes ON is available via Android, iOS and Web.

Kwese has Android and iOS support.

TV Apps Review Conclusions

TV apps

That is it for this comparison review. All featured apps are free to download. All of them offer a bouquet of sports, movies, soaps and entertainment content.

Kwese iFlix strikes a good cord for data management and the fact that you can signup online and be viewing content in a matter of minutes, as well as for offering some free sports streaming.

In terms of pricing, Startimes ON offers the most pocket-friendly subscription packages, but again, that depends on the diversity of content that you want to view.

Of the three apps compared, DStv Now offers by far the richest bouquet of video content, device accessibility, platforms, and data management

I hope that this little investigative work helps you pick which app works best for you.

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