Top 10 states in Nigeria with highest Internet users (Q4 2020)

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The number of internet users in Nigeria has been on the rise for years, as more and more people embrace the digital life, but which states have the highest Internet users?


Lagos is easily the state at the top of the pile, with about double the number of subscribers of the next state. How do the other states stand in the big picture? And which states have the lowest Internet subscribers?

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Top 10 states with the highest Internet users in Nigeria (Q4 2020)

According to a report by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), these are the top 10 states in Nigeria with highest active Internet subscribers as at Q4 2020.

  1. Lagos – 18.9m
  2. Kano – 9.5m
  3. Ogun – 9.0m
  4. Oyo – 8.0m
  5. Abuja – 6.9m
  6. Kaduna – 6.8m
  7. Rivers – 5.7m
  8. Delta – 5.3m
  9. Edo – 5.2m
  10. Niger – 4.9m

States with the lowest Internet users in Nigeria (Q4 2020)

The NBS report states that Bayelsa and Ebonyi have the lowest number of active Internet users in the country. Here are the states with the lowest number of Internet subscribers in Nigeria (Q4 2020)

  1. Nasarawa 3.09m
  2. Bauchi 3.08m
  3. Plateau 3.06m
  4. Enugu 3.04m
  5. Kogi 2.96m
  6. Borno 2.95m
  7. Sokoto 2.89m
  8. Akwa Ibom 2.88m
  9. Abia 2.83m
  10. Adamawa 2.70m
  11. Zamfara: 2.14m
  12. Kebbi 2.15m
  13. Yobe 2.21m
  14. Cross River 2.10m
  15. Taraba 2.02m
  16. Gombe 2.01m
  17. Jigawa 1.92m
  18. Ekiti 1.48m
  19. Ebonyi 1.29m
  20. Bayelsa 1.10m

The data used for the NBS report is sourced from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) and verified and validated by the National Bureau of Statistics.

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