Phone Master is one of the recent apps to help you manage your RAM, ROM, and even other apps on your mobile device. Formerly called Hi Manager, Phone Master came on the platform of TECNO Mobile, but is available for download for other devices on Play Store.

In this article, I would be discussing some features available on the Phone Master app that makes it stand out and uniquely different from others you have used or are still using:

Phone Master app - Hi Manager - phonemaster app
Formerly called Hi Manager

What You Can Use Phone Master To Do

APP MANAGEMENT: This feature is used to uninstall apps that are not frequently used. You could also adjust your app notification settings under this menu.

LIGHTENING BOOST: This is used to clear your RAM when your mobile device is running slow due to too many running apps. This is the fastest method of freeing up your RAM.

HARASSMENT FILTER: This feature is used to bar SMS/phone calls you don’t want to receive on your Mobile device. It could also be used to Whitelist/Blacklist numbers.

CLEAR TRASH: During the usage of your device, different apps creates something called error logs, dump files and caches. These junks are stored up and would take up a lot of memory over a long period of time. With this function, you can clear all these error logs, dump files and caches and leftover APK files stored by apps on your device.

DEEP CLEAN: This feature further digs into your device and cleans very heavy files. This is only advisable when you have done a full back up on your device first. But it does a good job at clearing dumps your device.

SLIMING: This is similar to the deep clean and the clear trash feature. You can say it is the combination of the two. It is used to create more space.

CLEAN WHATSAPP: This feature is specifically dedicated for WhatsApp. Since Whatsapp takes up so much phone memory space, this feature would help clear your device of those bulky WhatsApp files.

FILE MOVE: This feature provides a simple one button click to move apps from phone memory to SD Card. Instead of going through File Manager, this option saves you a lot of stress. Everything is classified under their respective categories.

PHONE COOLING: This menu helps kill apps that use up so much CPU power, with some of them even increasing the temperature of your device.

hios phone master, phonemaster

AUTO-START MANAGEMENT: This feature selects apps that start up with your device when you switch it on. You can also increase or decrease the number of these apps with this menu.

FREEZER: This feature is useful when you don’t want to uninstall a rarely used app, yet you are running out of space. You just freeze the app and to create more space and unfreeze it when you are ready to use it.

DATA TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT: There are several sub-features under this feature in Phone Master. They include:

  • Network Management: This feature is used to control which app has access to your data. All apps installed on the device can be internet activated or deactivated. You can also use it to know each app’s data usage.
  • Data Plan: It is used to set up data plan limit for a day, week, or month. This would ensure you are able to plan your data usage within your budget.
  • Data Traffic on Notification Bar: This is enabled to show the Daily usage of Data and how much data is remaining.
  • Data Limit Exceeded Notification: This feature is used to set a data notification, for your device to notify you when you have almost exhausted your data.
  • Status Bar Network Speed Display: This is used to enable/Disable the status bar used to monitor browsing speed
  • Automatic Network Off: Putting on this feature would switch off your data connection once your data limit is reached.

The Phone Master app was initially introduced as Hi Manager on TECNO smartphones, but was later renamed and made available for download and use on any Android device.

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