This TECNO Pop 4 vs TECNO Spark 4 face-off compares two budget Android smartphones from the same company. Which is the better of the two?

It is not every day we get to see two TECNO devices go head to head, and so today, we are going to look at two devices from TECNO. The POP 4 and the Spark 4 are perfect when you don’t want to go overboard regarding expenses, but then, what else do these phones bring to the fray aside awesome price points? Well, we shall delve right into that now and show you which will be better suited for you.

Both entry-level devices expectedly share a number of similarities (seeing as they are from the same maker) but also possess certain different attributes that distinguish one from the other. And it is these differences that will likely tilt your preference to one device over the other.

TECNO POP 4 vs TECNO Spark 4 comparison
TECNO POP 4 vs TECNO Spark 4: Which is the better phone?

TECNO POP 4 vs TECNO Spark 4 Comparison Table

Here is a brief comparison table that helps you put both devices side by side and see how they measure up against each other.

6 inches, 480 × 960 pixels, 18:9 aspect ratio IPS LCD display 6.52 inches, 720 × 1560 pixels, 20:9 aspect ratio IPS LCD display
Android 10 (Go Edition) Android 9 Pie + HiOS 5.5
Quad-core MediaTek, 1.3GHz Quad-core MediaTek, 2.0GHz
8MP selfie camera 8MP selfie camera
5MP rear camera 13 + 2MP + AI triple rear camera with LED flash
32GB internal storage + dedicated microSD card slot up to 128GB 32GB internal storage + dedicated microSD card slot up to 128GB
5,000mAh battery + regular charging 4,000mAh battery + regular charging
₦33,500 ₦34,500


TECNO Pop 4 vs TECNO Spark 4: Where The Spark 4 Reigns Supreme

The Spark 4 has a larger display and with much better screen resolution, which means it will be a delight for gamers and users who would love to watch their favourite shows on their devices. It also boasts a better photography system and should be interesting for picture lovers.

And not to forget, it has the capacity to support 4G LTE browsing. Plus, the processor of the Spark 4 is clocked at a higher operational speed than that of the other phone.

But do these pros really see it edge out the POP 4? We will find out in the next section.

TECNO Spark 4 with triple camera


TECNO Pop 4 vs TECNO Spark 4: Where The POP 4 Reigns Supreme

The POP 4 has a larger battery (imagine what you’d do with a fully charged 5,000mAh battery) that lets you enjoy more time on the internet or extra screen hours for your favourite series. It also boasts a more recent version of the Android OS and is a tad cheaper than the Spark 4.

It also boasts a prettier design (in my opinion) with its sleek plastic body. However, it lacks 4G LTE support, which is a bummer.

TECNO Pop 4 rear camera


TECNO POP 4 vs TECNO Spark 4: Which Should You Go For?

As stated earlier, both devices share the same RAM, and internal storage space. However, some of their distinguishable differences are in their individual battery capacities, camera performance, mobile network support, and software versions.

And from where I am seated typing this up, the TECNO Spark 4 edges out its opponent. Yes, it has a lower battery capacity and a slightly older Android OS, but its camera performance, larger display and better processor performance see it slightly edge it over the POP 4.

That is not to say the POP 4 does not have its perks, but when placed side by side with the Spark 4, the Spark 4 comes out tops.

With all the information provided above, if I had a small budget of NGN35,000 that I wanted to stick to religiously to get a new smartphone, I would opt for the TECNO Spark 4. And yes, you may favour a different feature (say longer battery life) or you may opt for the less expensive option. This all depends on you.

At the end of the day, the facts are all laid bare to you and the choice is yours. Which would you go for – TECNO POP 4 or TECNO Spark 4?

PS: If you are interested in the Pop 4, you will want to see these TECNO Pop 4 alternatives.

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