TECNO POP 4 vs OPPO A1k: Which Of These Devices Should You Opt For? 

Our comparison today sees us take a short stroll down memory lane, as we bring two entry-level smartphones with distinct qualities in this TECNO POP 4 vs OPPO A1k comparison. This comparison pits the past against the present, as we take a closer look at both smartphones.


Pitting two entry-level devices from two different makers (and time periods) can offer up an interesting comparison, showing us a bit of the past and what it brings to the table. Our comparison today gives us a TECNO Spark 5 vs OPPO A1k match-up.

The POP 4 launched in July of 2020 as another addition to TECNO’s Spark family. This entry-level smartphone brings a number of interesting features which we will be looking at today.

The OPPO A1k which we reviewed in this article, launched in April of 2019 and also takes centerstage today alongside its rival.

Now, let’s get straight into the thick of things and see what both entry-level smartphones have to offer us.


TECNO POP 4 vs OPPO A1k Comparison Table

Now, let’s take a much closer look beneath the designs covering these smartphones, checking out what both devices really pack underneath.

2G, 3G 2G, 3G, 4G
6.0 inches, 960 × 480 pixels, 18:9 aspect ratio, IPS LCD display 6.1 inches, 1560 × 720 pixels, 19.5:9 aspect ratio, IPS LCD display
Android 10(Go Edition) Android 9 Pie + Color OS 6.0
Quad-core MediaTek Helio A22, 1.3GHz Octa-core MediaTek Helio P22, 1.8GHz
8MP selfie camera 5MP selfie camera
5MP rear camera with LED flash 8MP rear camera with LED flash
32GB internal storage + dedicated storage via microSD up to 128GB 32GB internal storage + dedicated storage via microSD up to 256GB
5,000mAh battery with 5W Standard Charge 4,000mAh battery with 5W Standard Charge
₦34,000 ₦44,900

TECNO POP 4 vs OPPO A1k: Where The POP 4 Has The Advantage

The POP 4 is a cheaper entry-level option that brings a newer Android 10 OS to the fray. It also boasts decent specs (like the RAM and onboard storage) with a large 5,000mAh battery to carry these specs.

In the optics department, it has a single rear camera and a single selfie camera, both posting good-looing numbers in terms of specs.

TECNO POP 4 vs Oppo A1K

TECNO POP 4 vs OPPO A1k: Where The OPPO A1k Has The Advantage

The OPPO A1k boasts a slightly larger display with a better screen resolution than its rival, letting users enjoy better quality imagery.

It brings a chipset with faster processing speeds, as the Helio P22 takes care of business under the hood. The A1k offers the same RAM and onboard storage as the Spark 5, but brings a larger external storage capacity to the table.

One huge advantage it holds over the POP 4 is its support for 4G technology on both SIM cards, making it an interesting option for buyers. This simply means that it supports faster data transfer speeds, letting users access the internet and send data quicker over it.

TECNO POP 4 vs Oppo A1k

TECNO POP 4 vs OPPO A1k: Which of These Devices Should You Pick?

Our comparison today has seen us bring the old against the newer, 2019 vs 2020, bringing the best of both phones to you, but, when it comes down to the big question, which of these smartphones should you go for?

The POP 4 offers a number of advantages over its rival, with its bigger battery and cheaper price point readily coming to mind. It shares quite a number of specs with the A1k but offers a newer Android version out of the box.

The A1k is a wonderful option for users who’d want a bigger, better display while looking for a device with a faster processor underneath the hood. It also supports 4G technology and provides more external storage than its younger rival.

At the end of the day, the A1k wins this head-to-head between these smartphones. It offers better specs than the POP 4, with features like its faster processor speeds and 4G support seeing it win this match-up. Although it costs more than the POP 4, this is a worthy investment for a device that offers great value for the money spent.


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