TECNO Phantom X vs TECNO Camon 17 Pro: Which Should You Buy?

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If you have been looking at the prospect of purchasing a TECNO Camon 17 Pro, but have yet to do so, you might want to hold off and consider what TECNO has to offer in the Phantom X. Come along with us as we walk you through this TECNO Phantom X vs TECNO Camon 17 Pro comparison.

Both phones were released in 2021, the Camon in June and the Phantom in July, and so are peers. As a matter of fact, they share quite a number of similar characteristics and can almost be said to be twins. While the Camon series have championed selfie photography, TECNO has repositioned the Phantom brand as its premium category of smartphones, though the X is arguably still a mid-ranger.

The question is, What are the differences between the Camon 17 Pro and the Phantom X cell phones? If you are in the market for a  mid-range smartphone and are looking towards TECNO, this comparison between the two devices should help you make up you make an informed choice.

Compare TECNO Phantom X vs TECNO Camon 17 Pro Comparison
Compare TECNO Phantom X vs TECNO Camon 17 Pro

Our faithful comparison table is our first stop to see how these two devices compare.

TECNO Phantom X vs TECNO Camon 17 Pro Comparison Table

Here is a quick comparison table to help you see how the TECNO Phantom X vs TECNO Camon 17 Pro smartphones stand side by side.

TECNO Phantom X TECNO Camon 17 Pro
6.7 inches, 1080 x 2340 pixels, 90Hz, AMOLED, Gorilla Glass 5 6.8 inches, 1080 x 2460 pixels, 90Hz, IPS LCD
Android 11 + HIOS 7.6 Android 11 + HIOS 7.6
Octa-core MediaTek Helio G95 2.05 GHz Octa-core MediaTek Helio G95, 2.05 GHz
48 MP + 8 MP selfie dual camera 48 MP selfie camera
50 + 13 + 8 MP rear triple camera, quad LED flash 64 + 8 + 2 + 2 MP rear quad camera, dual LED flash
256 GB internal storage + dedicated microSD slot 128 GB / 256 GB internal storage + dedicated microSD slot
4700 mAh battery + 33W fast charging 5000 mAh battery + 33W fast charging
470 euros (₦228,000) 280 euros (₦129,000)

TECNO Phantom X vs TECNO Camon 17 Pro: The Similarities

TECNO Camon 17 pro CG8

TECNO Camon 17 Pro and TECNO Phantom X are different enough in terms of design that you can not mix them up. However, it is in other areas – mostly unseen – that they share many similarities. For starters, they have almost exactly the same screen size – 6.7 inches for the X and 6.8 inches for the Camon 17 Pro. In addition, both displays are 90H refresh rate panels.

What else do they have in common? They both run Android 11 under TECNO’s HiOS 7.6. They both use a MediaTek Helio G95 chipset, and they both have 8 GB of RAM. These two phones also have 256 GB internal storage, though the Camon 17 Pro also has a 128 GB variant. As far as expandable memory capability is concerned, both phones have a dedicated microSD card slot. Lastly, they both offer 33W fast charging.

That is a lot of similarities, if you ask us. At the core, these two phones are the same and will offer comparable performance. But even twins have differences. So, let’s have a look at where these two siblings differ.

TECNO Phantom X vs TECNO Camon 17 Pro: The differences

TECBO Phantom X front and back

While the two phones have almost the same size of display and the same 90Hz refresh rate, they differ in terms of the type of display, as well as in terms of protection. The Phantom X has an AMOLED panel and Gorilla Glass 5 protection, while the Camon has an IPS LCD panel. There is no toughened glass protection mentioned. In effect, the display of the Phantom will offer better contrast and deeper blacks, as well as likely survive falls and scratches better than that of the Camon 17 Pro.

Still on the front side of the phone, the Phantom X has two snappers for its selfie camera, while the Camon has a single selfie camera. Flipping to the back, the Phantom has a triple camera, but it is a more capable shooter than the quad cameras of the Camon.

This TECNO Phantom X vs TECNO Camon 17 Pro comparison will be incomplete without a look at the batteries of these two cell phones. The X has a 4700 mAh battery, but the Camon 17 Pro beats it with a slightly bigger 5000mAh battery. As already mentioned, both phones are equipped with 33W fast charging for quicker battery top-ups.

Lastly, as already mentioned, while the Phantom X has only one storage variant (256 GB), the Camon 17 Pro has that, as well as a 128 GB storage option.

TECNO Phantom X vs TECNO Camon 17 Pro: Conclusions

In conclusion, Phantom X has a better screen and more capable cameras, both front and back. On the other hand, the Camon 17 Pro has a slightly larger display, as well as a beefier battery, plus the option of a variant with 128 GB internal storage.

It is when we come to the prices of both devices that we hit a wall. The Camon 17 Pro (256 GB) goes for 280 euros (₦129,000), the Phantom X sells for 480 euros (₦228,000).  Whether you think that the AMOLED display, Gorilla Glass 5, and better cameras are worth the extra 200 euros (₦99,000) is a question that only you must answer. Over to you.

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