TECNO Phantom 9 vs Nokia 6.1 Plus: Which of these badass mid-rangers kicks ass more?

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Forget that the Nokia 6.1 Plus is a year older than the Phantom 9. It is just as up-to-date, and both phones are currently similarly priced. In this TECNO Phantom 9 vs Nokia 6.1 Plus comparison review, the goal is to make it simple for you to decide which of these two solid mid-range smartphones is more badass.

But first, we ask, Who are these devices targeted at? People with some fairly good income who can afford better than entry-level phones but are unable or unwilling to spend on a premium smartphone. Both mid-range smartphones in this comparison review offer some premium and advanced features at pocket-friendly prices.

The Nokia – also known as Nokia X6 – comes from July 2018, but its Snapdragon 636 processor is a more efficient and more powerful chip than the Helio P35 in the Phantom 9, which was launched in July 2019. So the saying that age is a number is true here. They both have the same amount of RAM, though (we are comparing with the highest variant of the Nokia 6.1 Plus here). The two devices run Android 9 Pie, thanks to Nokia’s dedication to timely software updates. The 6.1 Plus got Pie in October 2018.

Both devices sport a notch – TECNO goes with the sexier water drop, while Nokia slapped the ugly duckling of notches – the wide notch – on the X6.

On the software and graphical UI side, TECNO’s HiOS 5.0 custom user interface is layered on top of Android 9 Pie. There are those who swear by it and there are those who scoff at it. On the other hand, Nokia is the world’s biggest pure Android evangelist. The Nokia 6.1 Plus is true to the simplicity and elegance of pure Android OS. One is full of bloatware; the other is totally devoid of it. Two different approaches to solving the same problem. Which you prefer is a matter of personal taste.

TECNO Phantom 9 vs Nokia 6.1 Plus: Quick Specs Comparison

TECNO Phantom 9 vs Nokia 6.1 Plus comparison review
In this TECNO Phantom 9 vs Nokia 6.1 Plus comparison review, there is only one question: Which of these mid-range hotshots is more badass?

One thing is sure: you want value for your money, and both phones have solid claims to that.

At this point, let’s have a quick look at a comparison table of the key specs and features of the two devices.

TECNO Phantom 9Nokia 6.1 Plus
6.39 inches, 1080 x 2340 pixels, 19.5:9 ratio AMOLED display with a waterdrop notch.5.8 inches, 1080 x 2280 pixels, 19:9 ratio IPS LCD display with a wide notch.
Under-display fingerprint readerrear-mounted fingerprint reader
Mediatek MT6765 Helio P35, 2.3 GHzQualcomm SDM636 Snapdragon 636, 1.8 GHz
32MP selfie camera16MP selfie camera
16+8+2 MP triple camera with LED flash16+5 MP rear dual camera with dual LED flash
128 GB internal storage + dedicated microSD, up to 1TB64 GB internal storage + dedicated microSD slot, up to 400 GB
3500 mAh battery + 10W fast charging3060 mAh battery + 18W quick charging
Wonky reputation with software updates2-year software update + 3-year security updates guaranteed

As you can see from the table above, the two phones are fairly evenly matched, with exceptions in terms of internal storage and battery capacity and charging. Let’s have a look at where each has an edge.

TECNO Phantom 9 vs Nokia 6.1 Plus: Where the TECNO has the edge

tecno phantom 9 rear
TECNO Phantom 9 vs Nokia 6.1 Plus comparison review: what tools do the Phantom 9 bring to this fight?

The first point of order here is that the Phantom 9 has an AMOLED display. What does that mean? It means deeper blacks and more vibrant colours. It means less power consumption is possible. Did i mention that at 6.4 inches (16.26 centimetres), it is significantly bigger than the Nokia’s?

Embedded in the AMOLED display of the Phantom 9 is a cutting edge under-display fingerprint reader. This would ordinarily be a plus flat-out, but it can also be a minus. You see, under-display fingerprint scanners are not yet as fast and as reliable as traditional scanners. So, how you rate this is up to you.

Next, the selfie camera on this TECNO is a 32 MP unit. The main camera is also a triple lens affair. We know that cameras cannot often be judged by the megapixel number or number of lenses, but…hey! Plus, Nokia is something of a standard in terms of reliable smartphone cameras. I am not sure where to place this until we have done a shoot out between the two, but technically, the Phantom 9 wins this segment.

It also has twice the internal storage of the Nokia 6.1 Plus, and offers a bigger memory card capacity as well. When it comes to storage options, the Phantom 9 wins hands down.

Lastly, TECNO Phantom 9 has a bigger battery but slower fast charging than the Nokia. I will take the bigger battery plus 10W fast charging, against Nokia X6’s smaller battery and 18W fast charging. You?

TECNO Phantom 9 vs Nokia 6.1 Plus: Where Nokia has the edge

Nokia 6.1 Plus - Nokia X6 top
In this TECNO Phantom 9 vs Nokia 6.1 Plus comparison review, the year-old Nokia still packs a wallop.

The Nokia 6.1 Plus has a more compact display of 5.8 inches (14.73 centimetres). Lovers of compact smartphones will naturally like this. But most of the world seem to have voted in favour of “Bigger is better”. Oh, well. The Nokia also has a more powerful and efficient processor, USB Type-C connector, and a more reliable old-school type fingerprint reader.

With stock Android OS, it does not have an extra layer of custom software to push. Couple this factor with the more powerful processor and what you have is a very smooth user experience. In addition, you will also get 2 years of software updates and 3 years of security updates guaranteed.

TECNO Phantom 9 vs Nokia 6.1 Plus: Who wins?

Both phones cost roughly the same thing – at least here in Nigeria. And there is no clear-cut overwhelming winner in terms of absolute numbers. Each pips the other in a number of features and concedes defeat in a number of others. A tricky situation.

This brings us to the end of our TECNO Phantom 9 vs Nokia 6.1 Plus comparison review. What will be your personal deciding factor – screen size, storage options, camera, software, some other factor, or a combination of factors? If you had to pick between these two, which would be your choice?

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