It is now confirmed news that giant smartphone brand, TECNO has just unveiled the latest addition to its Spark family; the Spark 7P. TECNO’s Spark devices are known for their power packed interior and sleek exterior. Even more attractive is the best-deal prices they are sold at. 

TECNO Spark 7 series bluish

The Spark 7P ticks all the boxes for innovation, prioritising a seamless user experience. The device comes equipped with a large 6.82-inch IPS dot-notch display, a Helio G70 processor and 4GB of RAM. Its 16MP+2MP+QVGA AI triple rear camera set-up with a quad-flashlight promises breath-taking photos with striking colours and depth.

Even the phone’s 8MP front camera comes with a dual flashlight that creates amazing selfies. The device has a 5000mAh Battery, 64GB and 128GB storage variants, and a Dirac stereo speaker.

As great phones go, things don’t get more amazing than this, right? But guess what, for Spark 7P, it does! All the above listed features make for a perfect phone, but TECNO decided to break out of the mould and put a cherry on the icing. 

The Spark 7P comes with a 90 Hertz refresh rate! Let me unpack what that means to you. The refresh rate is a measure of how quickly your phone’s display updates, in other words, how often and quickly the content on the screen refreshes.

Measured in Hertz (Hz), the refresh rate counts the number of times the display refreshes every second it is on. A 30 Hz display refreshes 30 times per second, 60Hz display refreshes 60 times per second, 90Hz is 90 times per second. 

TECNO Spark 7P green

“Okay! So, what does that mean for my phone” you might ask. Well, for starters, you will have a much less motion blur and clearer image quality. Spark 7P’s high refresh rate will make moving content look and feel smoother and snappier. Even swiping through your emails and interacting with Instagram’s UI will look smoother than the standard 60Hz rate which most smartphones have.

For Video content lovers and binge-watchers, this refresh rate makes for clear, high quality videos, as well as a smooth playback.

And for game lovers, Spark 7P’s refresh rate is pure cruise. A faster refresh rate makes a greatly noticeable difference when it comes to gaming, and that’s because visual latency is lower and gameplay appears smoother. That and more is what game lovers will be getting with the Spark 7P.

Amazing stuff, right? Totally! Unbelievably, the Spark 7P comes at a sweet price range. You wouldn’t have to clear out your bank account to get yourself one. 

The Spark 7P will be available in all authorised retail stores across Nigeria at a recommended retail price of ₦60,900 and ₦68,800 for the 64 GB and 128 GB variants respectively. The sleek device comes in Magnet Black, Alps Blue, Spruce Green and Summer Mojito colours. 

TECNO Spark 7P green pre-order win

What’s more, you can pre-order yours and get a free TECNO Wristband worth 7,500 Naira and a chance to win 1,000,000 Naira via a raffle draw, as well as other items such as washing machines, TVs and Rechargeable fans.

Sounds too good to be true? Go ahead and check out TECNO’s official Instagram and Twitter pages to catch up on all the details yourself!

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0 thought on “TECNO’s Spark 7P smartphone launched with super-swift refresh rate”
  1. wow, a 90 Hertz refresh rate device, this is very cool I hope it comes with a good battery too…
    this is a great upgrade from the previous spark series with a very affordable price

  2. Used to be so crazy about 60Hz, but this 90Hz will mean that this phone’s performance will be amazingly good

  3. I love the Spark 7 and it spec. A 90Hz refresh rate and a 5000mAh battery life for a gamer like me, comes with an extra AI lens, wonder what the night mode capture would look like, it would definitely make me a professional photographer which in that case I love depth of field in photography… What a phone for that price rate..

  4. i cant imagine how fast the 90 times per seconds refresh rate would be i must enjoy this with others thank God the price is very affordable

  5. The gaming experience on this phone is going to be very LIT since the phone price too is affordable I can stay with this.

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