Infinix HOT 10 brings an enhanced gaming and entertainment experience

Infinix Hot 10

The newly released Infinix HOT 10, is an Android based device that takes gaming and entertainment to the next level. With good quality processors and features to make your experience worthwhile and full of satisfaction. And trust me, the phone isn’t only about gaming and entertainment. The Infinix HOT 10 was announced on the 17 … Read more

Infinix Hot 10 vs Infinix Note 7: Which Infinix Mid-Range Device Should You Pick? 

The Infinix brand of smartphones have witnessed a steady growth ever since its establishment in 2013. The brand has catered to users in different sections of the market and today, we will be considering two devices from the mid-range portion of the market. Our comparison sees us pit the Infinix Hot 10 against its close … Read more

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