Sony Mobile puts the US market on the back burner

According to this Forbes report, after buying all the stakes in Sony Ericsson and rebranding, Sony will not be throwing a lot of resources at the US and Chinese markets. A quote from the report says:

The Xperia range has not managed to become established in either the US or Chinese markets. With Japan and Europe alone accounting for over 60% of Sony’s Android sales, they have decided to focus their efforts on these regions, ceding the US and Chinese markets to the competition. While there may still be discussions with networks in the US, Sony is going to expend effort in areas which will provide a better return.

The report also mentions that this is a similar situation to what Microsoft and Nokia found themselves in recently. I will add BlackBerry to that list. However, while Microsoft, Nokia and BlackBerry invested huge resources in attempting to gain the US market – and failed – Sony will be spending most of its resources on the markets where it has deep roots. A sensible decision, in my opinion. If you haven’t read it yet, please read my articles, What Shall It Profit a Brand to Gain the US and Lose the World? and One business lesson from the smartphone bloodbath.

Every weak, small or troubled mobile maker who has attempted to succeed by taking on the US market has failed at it. Every one of them. Microsoft. Nokia. BlackBerry. It is a futile attempt. The way to go is to succeed by pushing in the markets where you have strengths, attain a position of strength, and then take on the US market from that position. That was how Samsung did it. Nothing else will do.

I am glad to see someone take the different approach. No; it does not guarantee success, but trying to take on the US market from a position of weakness is a suicide mission.

Dont sleep on this

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