Bukkipa is a simple book-keeping mobile app for Nigeria

It is okay to raise money, sell and make money, save, as well as invest, but without a simple way to keep your books in order, you may not go far. Someone has come up with a simple book-keeping mobile app designed for individuals and small businesses in Nigeria.

The bubbling West African nation of Nigeria is in a season in which digital tech is fixed on solving financial problems. The country is witnessing the emergence of fintech solutions that make sense. They include: PayLater, PiggyBank, CowryWise, QuickCheck, ALAT, and the like.

A part of me believes this phase should have come earlier. Why? No individual or business or nation progresses without having finances done right. We have a new entrant that approaches finance from a different angle and makes sense while at it.

bukkipa simple book-keeping mobile app

Bukkipa is a simple book-keeping mobile app designed for individuals and small businesses to aid effective cash flow management. It is easy to see the value that a mobile application of this sort brings to the table. Many individuals are not able to handle accounting issues and so need a simplified approach to book-keeping.

Most small and micro businesses cannot afford to hire an accountant either, even on a part-time basis. As such, a simplified mobile app for financial record keeping is a superb idea.

A Simple Book-keeping Mobile App: How Simple?

I took the app for a quick spin after installing it on an Android smartphone. There are two user options available – one for individuals and the other for businesses. I chose the business option and was able to create a business account easily. I had to create both a password and a PIN.

Bukkipa offered options to create pre-set products and services, create pre-set customer and supplier profiles, as well as create invoices and send to customers. The processes were simple and I found my way around easily. I dislike accounting, so if I can use this app, almost anyone else should.

A Few Questions

I do have a few things I would like to see. I would love to have a website interface for when I am on my laptop and need to access it that way.

It will also be nice to see an import/export data options so I can move my financial records from the service I currently use. It will be tough to switch without such a feature. The web-based book-keeping service that I currently use does not have a mobile app. It is mobile-friendly and so is usable while on the move, but Bukkipa has a simplicity that is alluring.

Download Bukkipa

If you will like to give it a try, go Download Bukkipa. It is available for devices running Android 4.1 and above.

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