If you travel quite a bit and would love to make the problem of accessing the Internet easily everywhere you go, SIMO app is something you will want to explore. It is based on a virtual SIM technology available in 130 countries and regions. It works with any compatible Android to let you use Internet without a phone line or SIM card.

The app uses an embeded virtual SIM in your phone, so you can connect to the Internet across over 200 mobile network operators around the world. You do not need a SIM card in the phone. If you are in a foreign country, you do not need to be connected to any local network either.

Simo app no SIM no wifi

SIMO works thanks to partnerships with different mobile industry players around the world, including mobile hardware manufacturers like TECNO, BLU, Infinix, Wiko, Lenovo, and Bluboo.

The virtual SIM technology behind SIMO is embedded on Mediatek MTK chips, and it requires manufacturers to enable it for their phones. As such, not every smartphone is compatible with SIMO app. At the moment, only a handful are, including: BLU G9, TECNO Camon 12, TECNO Camon 12 Pro, Wiko Tommy 3, and Wiko Tommy 3 Plus. So, if you own one of the above phones, SIMO app will work for you right now.

If you own a Snapdragon smartphone, sorry; SIMO app will not work on your phone. Other Mediatek phones will soon be released with SIMO support.

How SIMO App Works

Simo app - use internet without a phone line

SIMO is an embeded virtual SIM card on your phone and is currently available to only Mediatek phones at this time. It allows you to connect to the Internet in any one of the 130 countries and regions where SIMO has active partnerships.

Install the app and turn on your phone’s WiFi. If you have any free data, you can begin to use the app without buying data.

If you do not, you can buy data in US dollars, Nigerian naira, or Indian ruppees. You are able to use your credit/debit card or Paypal if buying in US dollars. If you orefer to buy in Nigerian currency, you will be able to use your debit card, PalmPay, USSD, or bank transfer. Indian subscribers have the option of using OVO or GoPay.

There is no public information about the tariffs for SIMO Internet, but the company says that its data plans are vavailable at a “low rate”.  We will find out what the tariff is like as soon as we get it working on a phone.

SIMO is offering introductory free data though, which you can use anywhere with no commitment from you.

Being a virual SIM service, you will be able to travel and access the Internet immediately on arrival in the countries and regions where SIMO has coverage. Simply purchase your SIMO data before getting on the plane to your destination. Business and tourist travellers should find SIMO quite useful and convenient.

SIMO App Review

Simo app device not supported

We downloaded and installed SIMO on one of our available phones so as to see what it is like. The app did download and install but quickly gave us a “SIMO doesn’t support your device” error. The phone was a Snapdragon model, so that was not surprising.

Next, we got our hands on a TECNO Camon 12, which is listed as a supported device. How did the encounter go? Here is the story.

We found the SIMO app pre-installed on the Camon 12, but it required an update before we could use it. The update done in a few minutes, we launched the app and this time, it presented us with a “Connect” button. After we tapped it, the app attempted to connect to the service.

The phone had only one SIM card in it, with the second SIM slot empty. SIMO prompted us to update our preferred SIM card and asked whether we wanted to to use the SIM card present as our default for mobile data, calls, and SMS messages. We said, Yes.

Then it notified us that it “may occupy” the second SIM slot, which had no SIM card in it, till we closed SIMO Data. Sure. We confirmed that too.

We were soon notified of a successful connection. The SIMO app Homepage displayed that we had 0MB data plan balance. Bummer. We were looking forward to that free data. There is a “BUY MORE” button close by, for buying a data plan. But the Home also displayed two offers for free data.

Simo app homepage

The first one was an option to download and install two more apps to the Camon 12 in exchange for 200MB. The second had to do with gambling on a lucky wheel for an opportunity to get 50GB. There was also a clause that said it might take up to 3 days for the free data to kick in.

We decided that we were better off buying data than taking those offers. Unfortunately, each time we tapped the BUY MORE button, we got a blank page. It looks like the payments systems are not ready yet. And so, that was where I adventure with SIMO ended for now.

Update (3rd January 2020): Yesterday, without clicking on anything or installing any of the recommended apps, we got 2GB free data from SIMO. Browsing has not been as smooth as we would like and so we have been able to use only 300MB out of it.

SIMO free data on TECNO Camon 12
2GB free data allocation from SIMO app on TECNO Camon 12

The 2GB free data is valid till 7th of January 2020. Meanwhile, the “BUY MORE” menu is still blank when we open it.

Who Is Behind SIMO App?

It appears that Transsion, the parent company to Infinix, TECNO, and itel, has a strong hand in SimoTek Holding Inc, the company behind the service. SimoTek is based in HongKong. The service is operated by SkyRoam.

Download SIMO App

If you have one of the compatible phones, or any other Mediatek smartphone and will like to see if SIMO works on your phone, you can download the app from Play Store by clicking HERE.

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  1. If it functions as they said it will, this will surely boost the sales of those phones the App could work on.

  2. I use camon 12, but my simo doesn’t connect.
    It always writing simo is setting up please wait, for the past 2weeks.

  3. I travel frequently to rural areas in Nigeria where data is poor or non existent, will SIMO work in such areas?

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